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Weight gain after loosing so much!!!!

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  • Weight gain after loosing so much!!!!

    I know not to get freaked out over weight in PB. I went from 255 down to 206 and now back to 220. I have not changed the diet at all. I have changed the workouts and am getting way stronger and I can attribute much of the gain to muscle gains ex. deadlift went from a 315 max to a 345 x 6 max.

    Problem is that the waist has stopped shrinking!!! I have had no change in my waist in over 3 months. Diet is the same as it has been from the beginning. I think I am eating more due to the workouts but it only happens on the workout days sometimes. I like to call it second dinner.

    Again this gain can be attributed to muscle gains over a three month span but a zero waist shrinkage is kind of freaking me out a little.

    Anyone else get a fat loss stall like this or have a clue as to what is going on here?

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    I'm a woman and the only "weight lifting" I do is a core fitness class. My waist got down to 29 inches at one point before I started the class, but now is back to 30.5 inches. Perhaps the 29 inches was a fluke. I may have begun to break my stall because some of my pants have gotten suddenly really loose, but my waist hasn't changed. I figure things will change when they will change.

    If I were you I would nix the 2nd dinner thing though.
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      Deadlifts and squats put massive strain on your core muscles. Getting stronger in those lifts can actually thicken your waist without adding fat. How does your torso look? Does it continue to look stronger, more solid, more defined?

      It's also totally possible you've put some fat back on along with your muscle, of course. I don't know if you've looked into Leangains protocol (most people have at least seen it) but doing a 16/8 daily fasting schedule can help people keep fat off or continue losing without compromising strength/mass gains.
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        I take front/side/back pics every so often from the same place. My gut looks unchanged over the span of time and my arms/shoulders/chest/back all are way more developed over the time frame. I follow leangains protocal and didn't even know it....Most of my meals are lunch at 11:30 and dinner by 7:30.

        It is just strange to me as I have been able to gain strenght and loose the inches over the past 7 months and then all of a sudden I have stopped loosing the inches but gotten way bigger/stronger. There has been no change in eating habbits or anything like when hungry don't eat when not and staying primal 95% of the time.