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Mom heart attack at age 68

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  • Mom heart attack at age 68

    So, here it is, my mother's first heart attack, got the phone call this morning.
    She has been cooking with Canola Oil her entire life (even while we were young kids 40+ years ago).
    She's been eating lots and lots of bread daily, with margarine spread (hydrogenated oils) and marmalades, sometimes fat-free cheese. She had coffee + white sugar daily, in evening tea + white sugar. Potatoes almost daily with meals.
    She's been on blood thinners, blood pressure meds and on/off cholesterol meds her entire life and nobody EVER told her a way to change this. Her triglycerides in her 30's and 40's were over 1000+.
    At age 50 she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (which she probably had long before diagnosed). On top of everything else now she has to give herself insulin shots several times daily.
    She had multiple veins pulled out of her legs.
    She's been in hte hospital 3x for her gallbladder, finally they forced her into surgery to take it out. 5 cherry sized stones have been found. Shortly after this she bumped her arm on the side of hte bed and it broke the bone (osteoporosis). She's lost 2 full inches of hieght over the last few years. She barely recovered from her broken bone (which barely healed and took a loooooong time) and there it is, her first heart attack at age 68.
    The doctors say her valve has been completely destroyed by 'sugar'.

    And she continues to believe with Olive Oil now (still bad), eating low fat everything and using artificial sweeteners in her coffee/tea. And indulges into cake and cookies on B-days. She is cutting calories and is proud to be losing weight at age 68.......(she doesn't know it's bone and muscle).

    And when my Dad talked to me on the phone he told me to shut my trap about "my pills and shit" and not drive my mother crazy. Uh, what pills ...?
    Talking about a specific nutrient isn't talking about pills, doh. He says she is in the BEST hands, at a special heart clinic in Germany...I don't know wether to cry or laugh, or slap someone,...but I guess the time has come where parents go. 2 uncles have already died last year, 1 of kidney cancer and the other of diabetes related problems (exhausted heart).

    Some people just don't want to listen. My sister is on a wheat bread, lasagne, spaghetti and booze diet, she calls it italian.
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    I'm so sorry.

    It's really hard to watch your family members kill themselves.

    I've lost two cousins (under 50) to diabetes and my brother-in-law is on statins already (48.)

    My mom is also 68 and I know that her arthritis would disappear if she would go Primal--but all my gentle educational efforts & sharing on FB have fallen on mostly deaf ears.
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      I'm really sorry about this

      I know how you feel in a way, my husband with his 247 cholesterol and HORRIBLE diet blames me for not feeding him right. Sad part is, he's 17 yrs older than i am and we have very young children. What I will do with him is make him a nice protein shake and he'll love it and get into the whole idea. He goes nowhere from there but I see it as making some headway. Can you make a delicious dish for your mother primal style and take it to her? Don't even tell her it's about "pills and shit" see what she thinks, maybe give her a few recipes.
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        I'm sorry to hear about your Mum. It's so hard when you can see the mistakes they are making but are powerless to change things.
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          I'm sorry it has come to this. You can only tell her so many times, at the end of the day it's her life, and if she's not willing to take your advice, welll... These things happen.


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            Originally posted by barefootbaby View Post
            Can you make a delicious dish for your mother primal style and take it to her? Don't even tell her it's about "pills and shit" see what she thinks, maybe give her a few recipes.
            Maybe even go so far as to not even mention the diet - just offer to make her some meals. Don't mention the fat content or anything. If she asks, just say it's made with whole, fresh foods.


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              It's tragic that most folk entrust their health to the medical profession's official line. Anyone who has discovered the truth knows it's misplaced faith and humility on their part ... if you can bring these folk around then you are a greater god.
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                I feel your frustration! Being at the age where our parents health fail is hard especially when we are so enthusiastic about our own health and wellness. My mother has Lewy Body Disease/Alzheimer's and although she is far from overweight she has elevated fasting blood sugars and high cholesterol.
                The recent PET Scan of her brain is's like diabetes of the brain! She loves her sweets! I can't really preach to her as it is beyond her level of comprehension and she doesn't make her own food anymore, my dad does! My dad is so consumed with "whatever makes her happy" he treats her to sugared coffee drinks and scones regularly along with a steady diet of grilled cheese sandwiches with "baked" chips and diet coke. Anyways, I can appreciate your post.......
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                  Before I knew about Primal, mom basically ate herself to death. Type 2 Diabetes, uncontrolled eating, 225 pounds, had a stroke, lingered four months.

                  I know your frustration.


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                    A1c and High Post-Meal Blood Sugars Predict Heart Attack


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                      That is very sad about your mother. I know there is nothing you can do except send your love. When I hear stuff from my own mother I just thank my lucky stars I found another way and hope that I've found it early enough.
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                        It's nearly impossible to save people from themselves.


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                          I'm sorry. She seems to be the norm lately though. I know my mom is the same way - eating like yours, then mystified as to why she feels like crap and is on 7 or 8 different meds. "Here, Mom, read this and you'll understand!" But she doesn't read it. And then calls to ask about why she still feels like crap.

                          It's so very frustrating.

                          Do you live near her? I really like Lily Marie's idea about bringing her primal food and not saying a word about how she should be eating... for now. Just say it's one of your favorites and something you eat all the time. Give her a chance to soften up a bit, because right now, she and your dad seem to be in autmatic "No!" mode. Nothing you say is going to make them change their minds.


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                            My heart goes out to you... Don't accept it and don't give up on your parents. Be persistent and give them the facts.


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                              I'm sorry - I know it is frustrating. But there is very little in this life that we have LESS control over than our parents. It is hard to watch - but they are adults and have the right to make poor decisions.

                              Try to look at it from her point of view right now. Imagine if you just had a heart attack and your vegan daughter called you up to tell you your paleo diet was killing you. You would NOT want to hear it. She needs time to come to terms with what just happened to her body. If she becomes open to changing then share what you have. Otherwise you will just alienate her.
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