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I Am Kickin' My Cold's Butt!

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  • I Am Kickin' My Cold's Butt!

    So, I caught the dreaded seasonal cold. Haven't had one in 10 years but I don't blame primal. I am a believer that when a virus finds you and hunkers down, you just have to go for the ride. I heard this one was particularly nasty and long lasting, though, and I am prone to bronchitis, so I was determined to put it down hard and fast.

    Thankfully, primal 101 instincts kicked in and the very first morning I grabbed all the chicken bones from my freezer and made a whopping chicken broth that has sustained me well for 3 days. It has been a godsend dipping into it every few hours.

    Day 1 I upped my vitamin D, took vitamin C like candy, a zinc supplement and basic multi. I also mixed 1/4 teasp cinnamon with 1 teasp honey and took that twice. I focused on liquids, lots and lots...water, kombucha, chicken broth and no sodas or coffee. I listened to my body for food and all it wants is carbs so I've been eating gluten free english muffins with kerrygold butter and coconut ice cream. Staying away from the dairy. Also have discovered goldenberries and can't get enough of them, they are loaded with vitamin A. Did I mention the most important vitamin...SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP! I did use Theraflu for nasal congestion. I had some riccola lozenges handy for bedtime, got a sore throat overnight and by morning it had moved to my chest, superfast.

    Day 2 was hellacious, full on chest congestion. I did the same for vitamins as day 1, and kept up the chicken broth and started adding lots of minced garlic and onions to the broth (I steeped it and strained as I can't do alot of onions). Garlic is supposed to be helpful for lungs. Also kept up the cinnamon and honey and liquids. Switched to the Theraflu with the expectorant and avoided any medications with cough suppressants. Believe it or not, my savior was good ole' VICKS. That eucalyptus oil can't be beat for congestion, even better when combined with the guaifenesin in the Theraflu.

    Day 3 I can breathe again! Congestion mostly cleared and feeling over the hump, gonna take it easy still and keep up the vitamins, broth, garlic, onions, Theraflu and VICKS.

    The only thing I didn't explore well enough was tea. I find tea comforting but have never found it very medicinal. If I ever get another cold, I would try the nettle tea and ginger and cayenne route, too. For me chest congestion is the hardest part of a cold. I'm feeling like the best one-two-punch is a combination of natural immune boosters and OTC...vitamins, spices, broth, garlic, onion, a little OTC expectorant help.

    Would love to have gone totally natural...tried to...but none of the natural remedies effects (while they worked) lasted longer than a half hour or so.

    Oh, and although I only did it once I discovered that turmeric and warm milk are very delicious! This is going to become more a part of my regular diet. Anyway, hope my experience can help some get through the season a little easier and don't forget the Kleenex with aloe for softness.
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    Good stuff. I too was feeling "under the weather" the past couple of days. Not sure what it was but I was able to keep it and the symptoms at bay with some vitamin d3 mega-dosing.


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      I was turned on to the idea of elderberry syrup after reading about it on everydaypaleo. Apparently even cw medical research has shown it to be somewhat effective in preventing and treating flu, maybe cold too. I made up a bunch of it and have been taking it all winter and so far things have been great. There was a couple times around the holidays when I started feeling run down, one day even when I had a fever, but I upped my intake and was able to blow through the infections within a day and a half. I gave some to my mom, since she is notorious for having long lingering colds, and even she felt better after a few days of taking it.
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        Yep. Those things are good to do. I always make "Thai penicillin" - like Jewish penicillin but Thai. After nearly 2 years of ancestral lifestyle, I get only a few very minor colds. No flu at all this year. Knock on wood.
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          Wow, that elderberry syrup looks amazing. I'm definitely going to look into that some more and share it with my mom as well, thanks!

          Also got tired of the same old chicken broth so I put a twist on it today for another option. I added coconut milk, salsa, italian spice and chunks of precooked chicken to the broth for a creamier spicey soup. YUM!


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            Why would you spend so much effort on natural remedies to build up your natural processes and then stifle your natural processes with the Theraflu and guifanesin? Don't worry about the symptoms unless they are causing clinical danger not just discomfort and let it take its course.


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              If you don't have access to elderberries, you can buy Sambucol - yes it is a commercial product. Or maybe find some elderberry wine.


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                You go, Killer!

                I take North American Herb & Spice Wild Oil of Oregano capsules. 2 capsules, twice per day if I really feel like I am getting sick and 2 capsules, once, if I am getting on a plane. I rarely get a cold anymore. I call it my "Shield"
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