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Paradoxical Gingivitis?

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  • Paradoxical Gingivitis?

    I've been told by my dental hygienist for a long time to stop brushing so hard, I'm giving myself a receding gumline.

    However, I've recently laid off almost all fruit, maybe a couple weekly servings of berries, a couple of apples. Potatoes and rice have not been a part of my Primal diet. And now, my gums are inflamed and bleed every time I brush, as if I was consuming a sugary, starchy, high-carbohydrate, pro-inflammatory diet! I applied some GSE topically to my gumline last night, and despite the horrid taste it leaves, my gums are feeling better today, but has anyone else experienced something like this?

    Is my body asking for more fruit/carb? Could this be a detox side affect?

    I may visit my dentist if this continues, but I can already hear the CW bullcrap he's going to "advise" and I won't be filling any prescriptions for antibiotics that I'm sure he'll write.
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    That shouldn't be happening, you should go to the dentist. Don't take chances with your teeth.