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Liver pain after eating liver?

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  • Liver pain after eating liver?

    So this may sound strange but every time I eat liver I get a pain in my right side (right around my liver.) It never seems to happen otherwise and no other common factors exist. Sometimes I eat the beef liver with alcohol sometimes not. Sometimes with veggies sometimes not.

    It isn't a very sharp pain and it doesn't stay long. Should I be worried? Should I stop eating liver?

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    I have no idea. That sounds really weird. I wouldn't tell anyone to quit eating liver since it's probably the most nutritious food EVER. Well, I guess you could possibly overdo it on the vitamin A and/or iron if all you ate was liver.

    Have you ever had your iron levels checked? If not, next time you do, get ferritin tested. It's basically a measure of stored iron and if it's super-high can indicate hemochromatosis. I just checked Wikipedia and supposedly hemochromatosis (iron overload) can cause cirrhosis of the liver. Not sure if that would manifest as physical pain, I guess it would.

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