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Primal success story of type 1 diabetic and questions about fasting.

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  • Primal success story of type 1 diabetic and questions about fasting.

    I have been eating Primal (with some 80 / 20 ing here and there) for the last 2 1/2 to 3 months or so. What got me started was reading Primal Body, Primal Mind - Primal Body-Primal Mind | Beyond The Paleo Diet - Which if you haven't read I highly recommend. And I am now reading Primal Blueprint and using recipes from the primal blueprint cookbook.

    I have lost 20 or more pounds, gained a ton of energy and muscle mass, my blood sugar levels have been statically around 80 - 180 (which if you've had type 1 since you were 3 years old and you are now 26 is actually PRETTY DAMN GOOD...) and also just learned to enjoy cooking, shopping for healthy food and spending my money on it, and talking with friends about diet and health, what works for them, and what works for me...

    My question is - What experience does any of you have, and or what do you know about doing a ten day, 30 day, or even a 60 day juice fast? - Being that my condition is not that of the average bear's, I would appreciate if only those who actually knew the pros / cons IN MY SITUATION of doing something like this replied to this post, but hey, I would appreciate it if money grew on trees

    After watching "Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead" - it occurs to me that everyone has different body types and different goals and that for some, especially those with serious health conditions, it is quite possible that some kind of a juice fast and / or raw / vege or pescetartian or detox diet of any kind may be quite beneficial whereas for the average Joe, who as far as I know doesn't have diabetes (quite yet that is, as it's becoming an epidemic) and especially doesn't have Type 1 Diabetes, it may be nothing more than an exercise in futility.

    Hope to hear some interesting feedback and personal experiences on this one, this is my second post on this forum so forgive me if I put this in the wrong place or overexplained my question, etc, etc...

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    Congratulations on your weight loss and improved blood sugars. I'm a type II, so not quite in the same camp as you but close. I haven't lost too much weight yet, but I am just starting out. I've also noticed improved blood sugars including my AM readings. I've also had a vast improvement on the fungal skin crud that diabetics get, with it nearly vanishing. I wouldn't do a juice fast myself simply because juice whether fruit or veggie blows my sugar to the moon. I think just eating good clean organic food is going to do a world of good without going into any kind of detox. My understanding is that most type I's don't have insulin resistance or very little. I would think in some ways you could get away with a bit more flexibility in diet than type II's like myself who gains weight by just sniffing food.


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      Well, I'm a Type 1 (diagnosed at age 13) and am a MiniMed pumper and also a little insulin resistant. Anyway, totally know what you are talking about being excited by that 80-180 range!! I'm currently enjoying an 80-150 range which just makes my day - and keeps me from having a cupcake "just this once" lol.

      Along my road toward happy place that is Primal/Body Ecology way of living I went through a juice fasting phase. I was a bit worried at first, but the reality is we are Type I's - we control how much insulin is in our bodies - if we aren't eating then we cut our insulin - we will always need some, so it' just a matter of feeling out how much we have to cut back during a fast. The longest juice fast I've done was 20 days - the shortest I think was 3 days. So here is my breakdown:

      I typically would do a grapefruit juice fast - it was less of a sugar spike and more palatable than vegi juice all the time. It's surprisingly easy to adjust your insulin intake - and probably especially for you since you've been doing this whole insulin thing for a while now. I would keep a sweeter juice on hand (mango/orange/apple) for the few times that I went low. We go low anyway, so nothing new there. I would recommend a juice fast to every Type I diabetic at least 2 or 3 times in their life. Mainly because once you hit day 4 you get this amazing MENTAL RELIEF from the typical obsessing with food that most diabetics endure constantly. We are constantly evaluating what we eat, taking insulin, thinking about food and the impact it's going to have on our blood sugar, etc., and fasting gives you this amazing mental break that I never knew existed. It kind of just gives your body a break. After 3 days you will feel you metabolism power down a few notches and you'll get colder easier, etc., but I think it's an experience worth having. With all that said - I think you really have to listen to your body and if it's not feeling like a fast, then don't push it. At this point I don't think I could (or would want) do a juice fast - I think my body got what it needed from that phase - maybe in 10 years I'll feel the need to juice fast again. The longer the fast the harder it is on your body so just be aware and stop when you need to instead of going for an arbitrary number of days.

      I noticed that this post is from Jan 2012 - so you have probably already explored the world of juice fasting, but figured I'd throw my 2 cents in :-)