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  • Question about basics and budget

    I'm trying to figure out what's PB's basics (food) are? I hate red meat but love chicken and salmon,tilapia and tuna. (hate different fishes) Also there are 6 of us on limited budget, I'm trying this out for myself then convince my husband. So can you give me some ideas of the basics I should get?

    Thanks Amy

    I have PB book, I didn't see the suggested grocery list.

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    Eggs. I eat a ton of them.

    You didn't mention pork products (sausage, bacon, pork loin, ribs, etc.). Is that something you would eat?

    Even if you don't like red meat normally, I suggest trying out bison. It's different from beef.

    What about venison or other game meats?
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      Sure the search feature above and type in "budget". There are tons of thread out there already that should help answer you question as it's a common one.


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        Karen De Coster
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          If you are going to avoid red meat (and by red meat a lot of people include pork in that, so I assume you are as well...correct me if I'm wrong) and sticking with mainly chicken and seafood, then I would suggest including LOTS of wild-caught (not the corn fed farm-rasied in garbage waters crap) salmon as it has a high fat content with good O3s. Try for pastured/naturally raised chickens if you can or if you can't stick with lean cuts. Also, try to supplement with good oils such as olive oil and coconut oil.

          I would suggest that you give some top shelf high quality grass fed pasture raised beef a try sometime. It's a lot different than the crap you get at the supermarket. I realize that this gets away from the "budget" side of things a bit, but you can include it occasionally OR if you try it and decide you really like it, you can look for local farms that raise beef right and buy a 1/2 or a 1/4 and you will likely do better on a per pound basis than buying individual cuts at the supermarket. If 1/2 or 1/4 seems like too much you can look to pool with friends if possible.
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            What red meat have you tried / why don't you like it?

            Have you tried turkey, duck, game birds such as pheasant?

            Tinned salmon and tuna are often cheapest, eggs of course. Have you tried other fish? It may be a compromise between budget and taste if you really need to limit your species


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              Primal Blueprint Shopping List | Mark's Daily Apple

              Here's the shopping list.


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                Yes I have been eating red meat all of my life. Didn't like chicken too much and fish. But that changed when we moved to Florida, started to eat salmon and chicken more. I'm tired of eating red meat, it taste heavy I guess with grease and I never cook steaks right, always dry. I eat shrimp once in a while. As for pork, we love our pork chili but nothing else never try anything else. Will love to try those different meats. Yes I do eat turkey, forget to include that.

                Found a farm with grass fed cows nearby, I can call and find out the cost and see from there.

                Thanks for the suggestions!