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My friend is "furious" at Paleo and me for recommending it

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  • My friend is "furious" at Paleo and me for recommending it

    This was an email I got today. I called him about it and he was not happy and very frustrated. He is hovering around 280. His wife and mother have done the same program for the past month with little body fat improvement it sounds. I think he is working out too hard, is stressed out and not sleeping enough (ie; cortisol issues) but he does not want to hear it.

    5 fucking pounds?!!!
    I have been killing it in the gym, have not flinched on the eating and abstained from alcohol for a month so I could lose 5 lb's?
    No drinks or fun food at New Years Eve party
    No drinks of food at football game parties at friends house
    No drinks or food at a birthday party where they said it would be catered by The Farm only to find out they switched to pizza and cookies. not a thing else to eat. So we starved and then dashed home after to eat steamed broccoli and chicken
    Taken out to dinner by my boss for hitting 2011 at any restaurant I want and I pick a Asian place where I can eat boiled meats and veges while they eat sushi and pasta and drink
    Department head meeting hosted by 4 Burgers where they said they would have salads only to end up with French fries, but I pulled the patty out of the burger and then got some veges from the café after the meeting.
    A poker game last night that served pizza. I left and went across the street to order shrimp cocktail since I hadn't eaten since lunch

    Suicide sessions of rope, medicine ball, kettle bell and interval training on the precor. 45 to 1hr sessions that would make 80% of the people I know vomit!!!!
    5 fucking lb's!!!!!!!!!
    At least before I enjoyed my food, I could relax with my drink. Sure I hated my body, but I'm not thinking too much of it right now.
    Ha, I went and made my wife's 40th this food too. She has only lost 5 lb's as well. my mom has only lost a few. My asshole is still irritated and now my head is too.

    Before you say 5 lb's is good, I have not been the average person about this. I have been balls out. I should have seen more. this is the most discouraging thing I could have experienced. I really committed to this thing

    Paleo/Primal has worked well for me but it has worked over a long period of time. 30 days is not enough time in my opinion but he really is frustrated.

    Any thoughts or advice I could lend to him to help him push through????

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    Hahaha. He sounds like the most awful person ever.

    ''Oh, I've been pigging out all of my life and now that I make an effort for once for 30 WHOLE DAYS like a big boy I only lose 5 pounds!''

    I've seen tougher 6 years old. Seriously, what a waste of a human being.

    Edit: I forgot, advice. Uuuuhhhhh simple math? 5 lbs a month is 60lbs a year. That's pretty awesome if you ask me. He could also remove the sand in his vagina.


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      Eh, sorry but just the diet by itself isn't going to work miracles on the obese if they're overtraining and not getting decent sleep. It's a package deal basically.


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        Exercising isn't an effective method for weight loss. Sounds like he's doing to much exercising then probably eating too much afterwards as a result.


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          Guy sounds like a jerk, but I'm sure he's just frustrated. They could have put on muscle, did he consider that?

          Let him be fat, sounds like he can't take it. If he won't listen to you he doesn't want health, he wants a miracle.


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            And why is he starving? Probably not eating enough fat...
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              That sounds pretty bad, but the math is really good annually. My wife and I saw pretty encouraging results after the inital 30 days of strictly being primal. You should show him some of the success stories, they're pretty inspiring. That said, what else can you do?

              I'm studying for my cert as a PT, and he sounds overtrained, that will obviously put a tremendous strain on his emotional state. Sounds like a complete bummer from your perspective too.


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                Has he read the book? Sounds like he's missing the bigger picture.


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                  I'm very happy with 2kgs a month - 4.5lbs - I have lost 10kgs & 44.5 cm since mid August - i weigh/measure again 01 Feb (I weigh monthly). I too do a fair bit of exercise as I am trying to build strength and muscle to compensate for ligament and tendon injuries. It is working, and I am losing inches, but not too much weight. If he wants to lose weight he needs to do the gentle slow exercise that Primal advocates and eat less - but while he will lose fat he will not build muscle.

                  It is all about tradeoffs on the swings and roundabouts.
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                    Ask him how much weight he lost the month before going primal~


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                      Not enough fat.

                      And did he take measurements? How are his clothes fitting? How is he FEELING??

                      My guess is he traded fat for some muscle. I can completely relate on the feelings of loss when I miss out on "special" foods (its what happens when food has been a reward for so many years) but he has to get past that. I also can understand how working hard and hearing about how people lost 10-30 pounds and the I do the same (or what I think is the same) and then I lose like 2 pounds.

                      Tell him to go for one more month, add more fats and to cut back on workouts. Bet he loses like 40 pounds in that month.
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                        I feel the way many of you do and I clearly told him he was over training. But come on, some of you have felt this way. This was a personal email he sent to me expressing his frustrations with how fat he is and how hard he is working at this. He truly believes in it but hasn't seen the results.

                        He has not read the book but his wife has but I'm not sure they understand all of the sleep, stress, sunlight etc part of this whole thing the way you and I do.

                        I was just looking for some good advice to give him.


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                          The advice to give him is that it's a lifestyle change, not a magic bullet. Some people see results faster than other but some have underlying health issues that may take longer to sort out. Try to relax and focus on the good things, like how much bacon he can eat.
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                            Hey if he wants better results you could have him try the biggest loser method. Workout for 6 hours a day and eat 1000 caloires and then dehydrate for the weigh in. He'll lose more weight and rebound right back.

                            Sounds like he needs to chill on the exercise and let the diet do it's job. For his current attitude, I would recommend putting on a heart-rate monitor and seeing what is actually being burned in these sessions. Although from the sounds of the person, they will probably destroy the heartrate monitor after seeing the total calories burned "ONLY 360!!!!!" Track that against total daily intake. There is no real guess work there and gives you an idea of what your working with. Then you can tell him to lay off the "suicide sessions".

                            A pound a week is nice, what did he expect, you bust your ass in the gym and eat right for a month and drop 80 pounds? Although, it's a good learning experience to go through what it takes to lose weight. You respect the doughnut after that.

                            He needs a serious dose of "Man the $%&# Up!!!"
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                              I'm not going to judge him based on these last couple of paragraphs, nor will I call him worthless, hopeless or a waste of time. I WILL say however that he needs to learn some PATIENCE!

                              His body isn't some lackey he can boss around. It will rebel if he abuses it, and it sounds like he's been abusing it lots. He's gotta just relax, roll with it, stay off the goddamn scale and let the fat melt off by itself. I'd say he is stressing too much, overtraining, and hasn't taken the whole PB to heart yet.

                              5 pounds a month is good. That's about the rate that I lose at. What's wrong with losing 5 pounds a month?