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Allergic Reaction?

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  • Allergic Reaction?

    I've been mostly primal since August 2011, with some significant amount of cheating over the holidays. I've been strict about it for the last two weeks. I'm having an allergic reaction now to something. It seems likely that it is something I'm eating, because it's resulting in giant hives (which have the same cause as regular hives). It's maybe a coincidence that the allergy flare up happened just as I took most common food allergens out of my diet (wheat, dairy, etc). Or not. Has anyone else experienced an allergic reaction that seemed tied to transitioning to Primal?

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    it might not be something you're eating.

    i understand you ate a consistent diet since august, minus the holidays. you would not be getting some food allergy now unless you have introduced something new.

    it's possible some new plants of flowers you introduced in your home are the cause.


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      It could also be stress.

      Mine is usually either that, cats or chocolate.


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        No, don't "etc". We don't know what you cut out.

        Are you eating more of something? Nuts? Coconut products? A meat you don't normally have? Anything else? And then yes, it could be stress, or it could be environmental.
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