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First Day of No Snacking

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  • First Day of No Snacking

    Typical newbie here, thinking that all I had to do to start losing weight was eat anything and everything that is "primal approved", any time I want. Wahoo!!!! Steaks, bacon, fruit galore, whenever I want! NOT.

    Oh well. More reading always seems to resolve the misconceptions . After doing a bit more research, and reading the thread yesterday "accumulated wisdom of the board", I realized that snacking was probably a bad thing. Did a little more digging, via this magic thing called the search funciton , and found out why.

    A couple of years ago I quit smoking, and replaced the 10:00, 3:00, and 5:00 cigs with snacks. It's a long term habit that I am going to break TODAY. Pray for my co-workers - it could get ugly.

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    You can do it! I've been slowly transitioning away from snacking. It's tough sometimes, but I find as long as I eat enough during meal times I'm fine.

    I work in an office and sit down all day. No one's going to stop me from stuffing my face all day if I want to. In fact, a lot of people I work with do. Some of them live for food. There were free donuts in the break room yesterday and once someone discovered the fact, suddenly things got very loud all over. Some people were whispering and trying to hush others so that the donuts wouldn't disappear too quickly. It was a little bit scary the way they were reacting.

    I used to be like that. Now I take pride in getting all my work done each day and that's all I need to satisfy me. Back when I used to snack all day, it would actually take time away from my work. Less snacking means more productivity for me.

    If snacking is a problem for you, the best thing to do would be to really fill up during meal times. Don't go crazy, obviously, but don't hold back either. Eat as much as you need to eat to get you through to the next meal time. Sometimes I don't feel hungry at lunch, but I'll eat a small meal anyway just so I don't feel tempted to snack all afternoon. Luckily for me, I never carry change around, so I'm unable to buy anything from the vending machines on our floor. If you have vending machines where you work, I would recommend keeping the coins at home!

    Good luck! :)
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      Also, if you can get up and go for a walk during your snack break. I figured out I never really was hungry- just needed a break- a nice walk outside or even just a few minutes around the office works great.
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        Thanks lazatiger and magnolia!

        Lazatiger, I really liked what you had to say about productivity being the satisfaction. That really struck a chord with me - snacking equals break time, which equals a distraction, which equals not being very productive.

        Magnolia - I had thought to just drink water instead of snacking (I keep a water bottle with me at all times), but getting up to take a walk about the floor would probably be better. Though if I drink enough water, I'll be walking to the bathroom more often .

        I'm off to do my "play time" - we have a gym here at work that I get to play in during lunch, and then for my big giant salad, and cottage cheese for lunch. So far no snack, and no dead bodies


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          Second the advice to take a walk. It clears your head, stretches your muscles, lowers your stress, burns off a little fat, and distracts you from eating, all in one simple and enjoyable activity.
          Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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            Why snacking makes us FAT & WEAK !
            Why Snacking Makes You Weak, Not Just Fat - GNOLLS.ORG



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              Find a place to do pullups, pushups, and/or squats. Do them when you get the urge to snack. These exercises don't really make you work up a sweat so no need to change clothes or shower afterwards.