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Hyperthyroid and the radiation pill..

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  • Hyperthyroid and the radiation pill..

    Hello folks,

    I have not really posted at all as I mainly read the forums and whatnot. My wife and I went primal summer 2010 and fell off the wagon during her pregnancy. (oct 2010-July2011). We started back on primal this past October and so far it has worked well. I am down 42lbs since we started.

    My wife was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism early on in the pregnancy (it may have been happening for a while based on symptoms she has had for a couple years). The doctor prescribed a PTU (unsure of dose) which she continued to take after the pregnancy. Recently she went to our family doctor for a checkup and whatnot and he noticed that it appeared her thyroid was enlarged / possibly has nodules. She had to stop taking the PTU and recently had an (?) Uptake test done. The Thyroid specialist did not give us much detail but said she needed treatment and was a good candidate for the radiation pill. That is all the info we got..apparently did not have time for discussion.

    I looked through the forum search and while there was some info regarding hyperthyroid I was not able to glean much from it (my search-fu may be weak in this area). Does anyone have any ideas / resources that might help. I am not even sure what questions need to be asked at this point but my wife isn't too keen on giving her thyroid radiation poisoning to kill it then having to take a hormone therapy pill for the rest of her life..if it is the only way so be it but we would like to explore other options if possible.

    I can't provide numbers but will if I can get them. Also, if this is in the wrong section I apologize.


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    Is she currently breastfeeding? That would impact what treatment I'd pursue in the near future. Other than that I don't know much about the thyroid and radiation treatment.


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      I would be very cautious about that too. I had small nodules a few years ago and my doctor ordered a nuclear scan to check my function, look at the nodules, etc. A year later I had twice as many nodules and they were 3-4x larger. Long story short my thyroid was removed because of rate of growth and that it was getting hard to swallow. The doctors discounted it, but I think that the radiation contributed to the growth of the nodules in a big way. Get a second opinion, talk to an endocrinologist, take a look at, learn as much as you possibly can before you do anything else. Especially if she is breastfeeding (the tech told me to pump and dump for three days after the scan, but I found out later that the isotope they use is not safe for breastfeeding AT ALL - I was so pissed). I wish I had known more beforehand - I might still have my thyroid today.


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        She is not breastfeeding. She tried but it did not work out. Would you consider that website to be accurate? I found it the other day but was not sure.


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          I don't know a lot about Grave's disease, but I have run into in my research for Hashimoto's. I would recommend Mary Shomon's book on hyperthyroid as a starting point. A strictly gluten-free diet has been known to dial down the autoimmune response to the point of effective remission. How far the disease has progressed and how strict your wife is willing to be in avoiding gluten would be the primary variables in whether or not that is a viable option.

          It also seems that since RAI will kill the thyroid, you can skip the radiation part and go right to the thyroidectomy, if that is the end result anyway? I would speak with my endocrinologist about that option, if a functioning thyroid is just not an option at this point. Again, I don't know a lot--just throwing sonme stuff out there.