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  • Hair loss

    I know this has been covered before, but I wondered if anyone else started losing their hair after going primal. I've read you're body can go through a period of shedding hair after making a drastic change in eating habits, but I've been doing this since October and I'd think by now my hair would stop falling out.

    If you did go through a period of hair shedding when did it start and how long did it last? I used to have healthy, thick hair, and now that I've switched my hair feels really thin. It feels soft and healthy still, but I hate how thin it's getting. Is there anything I can do to stop it from falling out?

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    This has come up semi-recently, you should try searching the forums if you haven't already.

    For me, my iron levels were low. I started supplementing ferritin chelate with Vitamin C to aid absorption and my hair loss decreased within three days.
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      I'll have to go search the forums again, the last time I searched was about 3 weeks ago and I figured it most likely wasn't brought up again when I posted this. I'm getting lazy about searching lately. My iron levels are usually low, but I never thought that would cause hair loss o.O I'll have to look into that!

      Also, I should note that it's not just old hair falling out. I have newer hair growth (re-growth after my latest pregnancy) that's about 4 inches long, and the rest of my hair is about 12 inches long. I've noticed it's new AND old hair falling out I used to have so much hair that I almost wanted it to thin out, but now that it is I miss the fullness I used to have. Hopefully it's just shedding from the "stress" of the new primal diet and will stop soon.
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        Ivebeen shedding massive amounts of hair for 3.5 months, been primal for 7.5 months. My hair used to be wavy, now it's curly. I'm not low in iron, so not sure what's going on. My hair-dresser said that I have a massive amount of baby-hair growing all over, so it seems new, healthy hair is coming out, while the old hair is being shed.


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          Hi ErinF, I had this and it was frightening, but don't let it upset you because you can do lots of things to help. I hadn't heard about iron levels affecting hair growth so I've learned something today. I started to lose hair about 1 month in and it probably continued for about 3 months, so you are experiencing this at the same time I did. I got loads of 'baby hair' coming through when I started eating homemade bone broth regularly, e.g. every other day. If I don't have cause to make a gravy, sauce or casserole/stew then I will drink a cup of it with salt, pepper and tomato puree, like a cup of Bovril. I buy and scavange beef, pork and lamb marrow bones and knuckle bones, shoulders etc, and chicken carcasses from butchers and restaurants and cook them all in my slow cooker (crock pot), then bag them up in 250ml and 500ml volumes in plastic bags and freeze them.
          I don't know for sure if it would have come back by itself or if the bone broth catalysed it, but my new hair is stronger, glossier and oddly, darker. Hope this helps a bit.


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            It could be from cutting calories to drastically.


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              I posted a thread a few weeks ago. I'm about 6 months in to PB, and 3 months ago started losing hair at a drastic rate. 100's of hairs a day. You can clearly see my scalp through my hair. It makes me want to cry. I too use to have such thick hair that I wanted it thinned because it was too heavy to pull up in a pony tail. Oh the irony of now wishing for it all back. I hennaed my hair back in the fall right before the holidays and I've noticed that 99% of the hairs falling out over the past few weeks are ones that are dyed right to the root. So that means these hairs have stopped growing back before I hennaed. I had my iron and thyroid checked but both were normal. My doctor recommended a dermatologist. I still have yet to get in to see him.

              I suspect it's just due to the drastic diet change even though my calories are high (2000+/day). I've added a daily biotin, silica, MSM and occasionally a vit B complex to my diet 2 weeks ago. Hair is still shedding but I figure if it already stopped growing months ago there is nothing I can do about those hairs. They will need to fall out so new baby hairs can grow.


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                I'm ok with the hair falling out as long as I know for sure it's going to come back. If the diet change sparked the hair loss then fine, but if it's something else I'll have to do a bunch of blood tests again /sadface. I'd just rather it be from the diet, but since I've never experienced something like this before, I have no way of knowing when to expect hair loss to stop and/or start. I'm going to see an Endo in a few days for some more thyroid testing, it may be my thyroid, but it may be the diet. Idk anymore.

                I'll try counting my calories for the next few days to see how low I've gone. I know when I IF I can eat very little calories and not realize it, and since I've been IF almost every day for a while it could be that I'm not getting in enough. I'm taking a multi-vitamin, B12, MSM, D3 and just started taking K2. I'll have to add in some more iron to see if it makes a difference.


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                  low carb/starch intake for extended periods of time can also cause this.


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                    I've noticed this too. I'm going to see my doctor tomorrow to talk to him about my thyroid dosing (I don't have a thyroid gland), to see if that's causing it, but if my T3 levels are normal, it could be this, I suppose. I've also noticed that my hair is more dry and brittle than it used to be.