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A little disappointed that I still hate mornings

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  • A little disappointed that I still hate mornings

    I love to sleep. I can sleep in the daytime or night; doesn't matter if I'm exhausted or not even tired, if it's dead quiet or there's noise - if I lie down I'll soon be asleep. I sleep really, really soundly and am very hard to wake up and all this has been constant my whole life.

    The other constant is when I wake up in the morning (or after a nap) I feel like total shit - headache, stiff muscles, depressed and usually a stomach ache, doesn't matter if I ate just before bed or been fasting for hours, if I go to bed early or late, get 9 hrs. or 4. I can't focus my eyes for at least 15 - 20 minutes after waking and I don't even want my pets near me (I ADORE my pets). All this goes away in about a half hour to 45 minutes and I start feeling great and ready to start a new day.

    I remember back in school when someone would come back after being absent and say they'd woke up sick and I'd always think, how can you tell? Doesn't everybody? I was kinda hoping Primal would change that but it hasn't so I guess it's not food related. Just weird I guess.

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    I'm still waiting for the whole 'jump out of bed full of energy' thing to kick in

    I've worked out if you have a 20 min nap, you're far less likely to feel like that truck has hit you. Now my body has decided 10 mins is enough (I've been nanna napping for 14 years -13 yrs ago I was working 2 jobs, then got pregnant. Every time one toddler would sleep through, I'd fall pregnant, so then would wake cos of those fun pregnancy issues you get). Problem is, with 10 mins, you're not even sure you fell asleep.


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      Me too! Loving primal but I definitely haven't got the energy boost. Still feel tired a bit during the day and struggling in the mornings too. I was really hoping for this energy boost!
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        Any chance you have sleep apnoea?
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          Originally posted by brachiate View Post
          Any chance you have sleep apnoea?
          Good call. Or narcolepsy tendencies?

          My sleep didn't get sorted out until I did the Leptin-reset. For me it must have been a hormonal issue.


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            It has always been, that when I nap, they are 20 minute power naps. I have noticed that I do not get as drowsy in the afternoon as often, but I just started primal at the beginning of the month and I am still sorting diet out.
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              Man, totally different here. I wake up and I can go immediately. Just a ton of energy, big morning person. Love mornings. It's morning right now, here, where I am, and I feel amazing.


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                Have you thought about getting a sleep study? Your morning do sound really bad.
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                  I've never thought of a sleep study. Here's the thing, I sleep extremely well - no tossing around and I have wonderful dreams (when I can remember them). Once I get past the 30/40 minutes of everything hurts/I-hate-everything/life-is-not-worth-living each morning I am refreshed, ready to tackle anything and run wide open all day so I honestly don't think I have a sleep disorder. What I have is a morning disorder.

                  I was just curious if anyone else was the same or if I'm the special snowflake. After all these years if I ever did wake up feeling good it would scare the hell outta me 'cause I'd figure I was dying or something.


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                    No you are not the special snowflake, I am not a morning person either. Progestin only birth control made it a whole lot worse and I would wake up pissed off. But then again depo and norplant made me act like I was on permanent PMS X 10. I need to sit awhile in the morning sipping my tea or coffee and waiting for my eyes to both point in the same direction. My kids know not to talk to me while I'm waking up. I will be a)grumpy and b)I won't remember anything they said. It takes me about a 1/2 hour 45 minutes for my body and brain to clunk into functioning. I usually read my email and the news and get caffeinated while I wait.


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                      I feel terrible in the mornings too. It is better since going primal, but still not like I ever wake up and say "happy day, lets go!". I would love to have that kind of energy but it just doesn't happen. Naps are the worst. I love them, but I wake up a very angry bear. I have an autoimmune arthritis, so mornings are generally harder for people with autoimmune disease.

                      Are you waking up on your own or by an alarm? There is some gizmo out there that is supposed to wake you naturally during a light sleep phase instead of a heavy one. Waking in the middle of deep sleep apparently makes you feel like crap. What is your sleep schedule like? Perhaps you are not sleeping early enough. I feel MUCH better in the mornings if I get to sleep before 11 pm even when I sleep the same number of hours.

                      I would so love to wake up feeling great! Maybe someone will have a great suggestion.
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                        what times are you guys eating dinner?

                        and how much fat is in your diet (as far as % of calories)?

                        i find if im 60-70% fat and eating the last meal before 6, bed between 1030-11, i sleep a nice 8 hours and feel MUCH better than i ever did .. remember we may not all EVER be morning people, but we can improve how we feel
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                          OK, so it's not just me but apparently we morning grumps are in the minority.

                          How much fat in my diet? No idea, but there's always been plenty - I never bought into the low-fat horseshit. Never been on any medications and it makes no difference when I eat, when I go to sleep or how long I sleep. Doesn't matter if I wake up naturally or with an alarm, in the pre-dawn dark or at noon - I'm pissed and miserable for at least a half hour after which all systems are go.

                          Hey, it is what it is and I can't complain. Ditching the grains & sugars have caused such dramatic improvements in every other part of my life I was probably expecting too much.


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                            Ice cold shower right out of the bed. Ready to go!!!
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                              C'mon sunshines!!! Mornings are AWESOME!! repeat after me.. I LOVE MORNINGS!!! MORNINGS ARE AWESOME!!!

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