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Dangerously High levels of Oxalic Acid!!!! What to do !?!

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  • Dangerously High levels of Oxalic Acid!!!! What to do !?!

    So I had a prior post on here about passing a Kidney Stone shortly after going primal. You all were kind enough to give me advice on how to not bring them back. I also mentioned that I was going to do a 24-hr urine analysis so that I could figure out what kind of Kidney Stones I have. Welp the results were horrible

    My Oxalic Acid and Creatine levels were through the roof. I was 8 times the normal level. My doctor told me I was a Kidney Stone Maker. I was told to take a Vitamin B6 supplement along with Magnesium, and Vitamin B-Complex to see if any reduction can be made. I was also told a few things to not eat which of course are ALL PRIMAL! These numbers put me at high risk for liver and kidney damage/disease.

    Is the Primal Lifestyle of eating the culprit to my dangerously high Oxalic Acid levels !?!?!
    What do I do !?!?! Stop eating Primal !?!?!

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    I think you should be fine on a primal diet if you watch specific foods. A bit of googling shows that the major culprits are certain greens and grains, soy and nuts. You should also be drinking plenty of fluids. I read some research that lemon juice is particularly good at preventing them, not sure about dissolving though, so look into that.
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      I also read that lemon juice does a good job preventing them. It's on Perfect Health Diet


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        Here is the link directly to the kidney stones.
        Perfect Health Diet Kidney stones
        So this guy says that taking fish oil needs to be combined with taking 1000mg of vit. C and 500 mg of E to make Omega 3 PUFA safe.
        THIS is a good reason to drink RAW milk because raw milk would have all the nutrients in the correct balance to prevent all of this.
        Also, I think many of us don't need to take fish oils 3 months after switching to primal because our O3:O6 ratio would be normal anyways. How much fish would you have to eat daily to come up with 2000mg of pure oil?

        I think to get our vitamin D it's safer to take flash frozen raw liver pills (or eat liver) rather than taking cod liver oil daily.


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          I know I should be worried about the Kidney Stones, but I am more worried that these high levels are going to result in some form of liver or renal failure if I continue eating these Primal foods.

          Issabeau: Im definitely going to look into making my diet more like The Perfect Health Diet..idk

          Blackcatbone: Your page that lists those foods is going to be a great help in trying to stay away from certain foods high in Oxalic Acid, sadly it's all the foods I have been eating though which is going to make being Primal even harder, because I am already struggling with finding meals to eat on the go and for my lifestyle since I work the dinner shift at work.