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  • What the F.lux ?

    I did a search but was able to find mostly just gushing reviews of F.lux (the computer screen color correcting software). I installed it and have been using it for a couple of hours. I get an annoying screen flicker every few seconds. It's driving me NUTS. I start every sentence with the letter "I".

    Anybody else get this? Is there a work-around?

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    No problems here with F.lux
    I like it a lot!
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      No, mine works just fine, no side effects at all.
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        No problems here. Reinstall???


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          Ditto. I have a mostly red painting as my desktop wallpaper and it's kind of 'warming' in the evening, very pleasant to look at.


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            Mine flicker when the screen first "wakes up" but then it stays color-changed until next time it goes to sleep. It must be something weird in your video adaptor settings or something.


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              Why do you need this?


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                Originally posted by dado View Post
                Why do you need this?
                If you are staring at a screen at night the blue light from it can kill melatonin and it can make it harder to sleep at night, especially when you get older.
                F.lux changes the light from your screen by masking it. It essentially dims it when the sun goes down wherever you tell it you are.

                To the OP, what kind of video card do you have? It might be a driver issue or something similar.
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