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  • Injured Low back

    It all started with what I thought was "cedar allergies" here in Austin, TX most people are walking around suffocating from this stuff. Long story short, Monday morning right out of bed I started coughing my head off and seriously hurt my lower back. I have never suffered from low back pain before this nor have I ever felt pain like this before. Has anyone else experienced a strained/pulled muscle from coughing? With rest and TLC will it go away? I AM going to the doc today at 1:30 just to be safe. I am personal trainer and this is turning my world up-side down, not to mention I leave for NYC tomorrow and I can hardly walk!!! BOOOOOO!!! Any advice from someone who has been here?

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    Get to a good chiro or a massage therapist or a combo of the two. I really believe in Chiro for myself, and we use them for horses, and I can tell you that when my horse gets adjusted you can see relief in her eyes. She loves her chiro like no one else, even more than the guy who feeds her. My chiro uses massage, physical therapy and adjustments to keep my back good. It's a combo.

    MD's will give you good drugs. And that's about it. And if you have lower back pain like mine used to be, the drugs will make you feel great and not do a lick of good for your back pain.
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      I am currently working on a back flair up (going on 6+weeks). Stetching it out helps. As for the drugs, they do not make me feel good but they do take some of the pain. I take as needed but am taking a motrin 800 and a muscle relaxer. I am also doing a session with my TENS unit. Take it easy, slow stretches depending where it is at. Chio's are good, I love my kinesiologist though.

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        yes, I should have also said that I had a massage this morning and have an appointment at Airrosti Rehab (chiro and myofascia release) for next week, that was the soonest they could see me. Doc was available today, so I figured I would get some good drugs to get me through pain while in NYC.


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          MD's will give you good drugs. And that's about it. And if you have lower back pain like mine used to be, the drugs will make you feel great and not do a lick of good for your back pain.
          This. I've had back pain for the last 12 or 13 years (two bulging discs) and none of the meds I've been put on do a thing for the pain, just make me loopy.


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            Get some Ibuprofen gel - the brand I get here is Voltaren. In Oz we can buy it without a script but you may need one. Apply as needed and do read the cautions - you should not take Ibuprofen or any other anti-infammatory by mouth when using the gel. But it works. Be careful as it is a good pain reliever and do not do anything that will strain the muscles more.
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              I blew my back out when I first went to crossfit doing a dead lift, it was even with a pretty pathetic amount of weight, my muscle just gave out and I never felt anything so bad. I've never had back pain. The trainer recommended me to go to his chiropractor, at the time I thought all chiropractors were quacks (aka: not real doctors). After 5 days of toughing it out my back had no improvement, so I broke down and called the chiro to make an appointment, I felt better after the first appointment and my back was 100% after a week (which included 3 more follow up appointments). Now I totally recommended going to a chiropractor if you blow out your back.
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                McKenzie exercises. Lots of examples on Youtube. Robin McKenzies book: 7 Steps to a Pain-Free Life, $12.24 at Amazon, worth 10 times the price.

                I have a great chiropractor, but it was not til I read the book that I understood my problem (in my case severe bulging discs, L4/L5/S1.) 30 years of recurring agony solved by something so simple.

                The docs were pushing epidurals and surgery. The PT's were making the problem worse. The last episode kept me out of work over 3 months. My job is physically demanding. I was looking at a career change- at 55, that scared the hell out of me. I lucked onto McKenzie while drunkenly surfing for answers, thought "what the hell," and gave it a shot. I have been back on the job for 18 months, lifting weights, riding my recumbent bikes, getting into barefoot hiking and running. I have touchy days but know what to do now.

                As often seems to be the case, conventional wisdom is wrong.

                Good luck.