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Energy/appetite shifts?

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  • Energy/appetite shifts?

    Hi guys!
    I started primal on saturday, the 14th, so its been about 4 days. I noticed the first 2-3 days I wasn't hungry. I had a sausage/egg/veggie/cheese (one slice sharp cheddar, for flavor) scramble and coffee around 6:30. I felt a twinge of hunger at 11 but had some errands to do and didn't eat until about 2pm. I had a big salad with chicken breast and a chicken brat. It was great. I don't remember what I did for breakfast.
    I had a similar meal yesterday morning after a heavy cardio/bodyweight lifting workout (45minutes) and then 2 hours later needed to get energy out and went to shovel the back at work (dog daycare) that is about 40x60'. I was a little tired/fatigued but nothing near what I'm used to. I didn't even want starbucks! And that's a big deal for me.
    Only now, I'm tired. I had a similar breakfast this morning again at the same time and needed to eat (chicken breast, veggies) at about 10 because I was hungry.
    I am worried. I have a history of eating disorders and my constant focus on food has been the problem for me my entire life. Everything I did revolved around it. I was excited about this diet because I wasn't hungry, had lots of energy and felt great. Now I'm starting to feel...weird. I'm scared that my body(mind?) is going back to the way it was before, with cravings and the constant focus on food.

    I thought maybe I'm going through some carb flu because I had trouble sleeping last night, didn't feel too great, had an odd headache (I get them sometimes but this one was sort of out of the blue) and was kinda cranky. I am also scared that I'm eating too much fat (4 slices of bacon, 3 eggs and veggies twice a day-with a salad-too much fat?) or..just not doing it right. I guess I could use some encouragement!
    January 14th-306.2
    January 21st, lost 2" off my waist.
    January 30th-300.2

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    Come to the edge.
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