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ECC in a 1 year old primal eater?

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  • ECC in a 1 year old primal eater?

    Can fluoride varnish work in conjunction with increased vit. D/K2 foods (eggs, liver, butter, salmon, etc.) and xylitol?
    I have an almost 13 month old who obviously has dental caries, and I'm taking her to the dentist tomorrow. I KNOW they're going to want to apply a varnish, but I'm not sure if it's what I want. My teeth are a little brittle from getting fluoride treatments as a child, yet I still got a mouth full of cavities starting at 19.
    She's a good eater, loves eggs, never had juice or formula, still breastfeeding... I'm feeling very unlucky.

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    1 year Update:
    I eventually got composite strip crowns on her 4 front teeth. The caries didn't slow down or respond to fluoride, xylitol, frequent brushing, or nutrient dense foods. Fortunately, it didn't spread to any of her other teeth. The original cause was probably some combination of c-section delivery, tongue-tie, early tooth eruption, and active caries in my mouth.


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      I've got one child who had a GA at age 4 to deal with her many cavities and pits. Turns out, she was allergic to dairy and that changed her saliva (her younger sister was the same but showed obvious responses to dairy, made it far easier to pinpoint. Still took me till she was 18 m or so to work it out).

      Now she has had 2 baby molars removed this year (she's just turned 9) and fillings in almost every baby tooth. Her adult teeth, however, are looking fabulous We've done a lot of work to heal her body and strengthen those teeth.

      She has had some topical applications of fluoride to help remineralise. She was a lot older though, than your LO.