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    I like looking at my shopping cart or my fridge and knowing that I'm seeing all the ingredients, there's nothing hiding in there. I like that because I want my kids to be used to eating food, not chemistry experiments...

    That being said, I have a 20 month old. And while she is definitely a more adventurous eater than most toddlers (fresh spinach leaves? yum yummy!), her collection of 10 teeth still have a hard time gnawing on the pork roast my husband and I can dig our teeth into.

    Anyone raising primal toddlers?
    What are their favorite primal foods?
    Any differences between their menu's and yours?
    Have their doctors said anything?


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    Anyone raising primal toddlers? Yep almost 20 months (plus a 4 year old)
    What are their favorite primal foods? Most meats are pretty well loved, he has 12 teeth, but manages OK, since there is one set of molars there I guess, but he has eaten meat pieces since 6 ish months and managed OK Both my boys love gnawing on a bone.
    Any differences between their menu's and yours? Only that they all eat dairy, nuts and fruit, where I don't.
    Have their doctors said anything?
    Dr? We don't go to the Dr unless urgently needed.


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      Do you have a meat grinder? I used to grind up cooked meat in the grinder and the kids loved it. Sometimes I would mix in a bit of mayo, but I don't like to do that too much because of the O6 in the oils. You can also fill up a cabbage or lettuce leaf with this meat with some shredded carrots, celery etc. for an fun way for them to eat it. Homemade sausage patties might be good too, they can be broken up with little hands (when cooled) into tiny pieces that could just be swallowed.

      I second Ayla: Doctor? They don't have one.

      My kids eat the same as I do, but they are a bit older now (6 and 8). Soups have always been popular. I use homemade broth and stick all sorts of veggies in them, they really love butternut squash and leeks. I use an immersion blender to make it super smooth and when they were little I would just have them drink it in a sippy cup.
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        My youngest is 14 months with 7 teeth. She eats what I eat, but I chop or mash it up, she has far more carbs than me as she is a growing child. This means fruit, rice, sweet potato, rice pasta. She loves to chomp on big bits of sausage or meat. Unlike me she also eats dairy.


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          Soups are the easiest way for me to get my son (almost 4) to eat meat and veges. I've been primal for a year and the family is only about 3 months behind me as I stopped buying bread or any grain products last March. They all will eat bread and pasta when out (not me) but that is rare and so I don't sweat it. My son fights eating veges, but will eat soup filled with them. The broth is so nutritious and the veges are nice and soft and easy to chew. He also loves runny eggs from our chickens. I will offer eggs often when he refuses dinner. I just try not to make any drama about the food. Eat/don't eat - your choice! Kids wont starve and as long as you only have real food options, you can't go wrong. I tell him bananas are a treat and he knows, only one a day. I try to make sure he has plenty of protien from good sources (I often hide veges in meat loaf or pattys) and then a variety of the things he likes (fruit, yogurt, cheese).

          Oh - and he hasn't needed a doctor since I cut most of the crap out of my family's diet.


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            I have a three year old and a one year old. I don't really force them to eat what I approve of. I consciously limit the icecream and chocolate coins, but beyond that if pasta is demanded I give them that. Often I will be eating a big steak or something and both will turn their noses up at it but scoff down spaghetti with lots of butter. I find roast chicken or duck is by far the most popular meat, and bacon and eggs gets eaten too - sometimes just the bacon, some time the eggs. So I make sure that sweet things are tightly rationed, meat and fat is plentiful, and grains like bread and pasta are available when demanded instead of meat. Raw carrots seem to be poplar too, for reasons I don't understand.


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              I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I only started eating primal 2 weeks ago, so have not yet transitioned my kids. My elder child is big on meat - she's been a carnivore from the first time I fed her meat, so I suspect she will adopt easily to a primal diet. My younger kid, on the other hand, is a total carb head. She won't eat it unless it's made from wheat.

              I am SUPER paranoid about choking, so I haven't yet given my 1 year old any meat unless it's either ground up fine or in thin little strings (like the kind you can pull off a roast beef). She's not into it anyway. Hates eggs, too.

              My plan is to slowly transition them to a primal lifestyle, but I probably won't completely cut out grains for them. I will, however, cut out wheat. Eventually, I plan to for their diet to be mostly primal (including dairy), with limited amounts of rice and oats.
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                9 month old eats meat readily (still breastfeeding, and my milk supply problems cleared up on primal + anti-inflammatory), 2 1/2 year old goes through more phases, and I think she may just like to rotate her diet. She'll be obsessed with sweet potatos or ham for a week, and then won't touch them. She eats more fruit than I do, but also loves avocados. I let the kids have more rice than I do, especially since I can sneak more fat into their sauces they eat with rice pasta. They occassionaly get processed foods like organic rice husks or the aforementioned rice pasta, but I'm strict on ingredients. None of us tolerate dairy.

                Toddler also eats better when I can let her choose her foods and "help" make it, or at least let her spoon her own portion onto her plate.

                Pediatrician is supportive. They get mostly whole foods, and their behaviour, development, and constipation (mostly all noticeable with the older kid, obviously) have improved. She also likes them on a D3 supplement.


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                  Father of an 18 month old- eats everything we eat. Loves eggs, avocados, beef, bacon. His absolute favorite is when I cook up some grass-fed ground beef with avocado oil with some peas, mash some sweet potatoes and mix all together. It's almost an art project and a meal!

                  Dr. is supportive of our dietary choices and supports our D3 drops each morning. Also mix a pro-biotic in his milk each morning.

                  ... Trouble is with the damn, Cheerio, noodle, cracker shop of a daycare!
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                    I've never told my pediatrician about how we eat. Both my kids are in healthy ranges (although youngest is maybe a little too small, 3rd percentile for weight, but then again, she's the carb head) and they both get a cold maybe once a year. If that. I would suspect, though, based on conversations I've had with my pediatrician, that he'd be happy just to know I'm not feeding them a bunch of processed crap, fruit "juices," and cookies.
                    Female, 40 yrs old, 5', 120 lbs (post-pregnancy)
                    Went Primal January 2, 2012!

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                      I have a soon to be 4yo and and a 22mth old nursling. both eat 80/20 primal. I don't control what they eat at daycare; though we're going to be asking the dcp to make our kids rice pasta, and limit their wheat/bread b/c they've both go some serious eczema on their legs/arms... I had yesterday off...the kids had "flat eggs" as dd calls fried eggs, bkfst sausage, greek yogurt w/ blueberries. Lunch was salami, cheese, and some GF crackers, and apples. Dinner, was ginger green beans, and gingered carrots and fish in homemade chicken broth. Ive found dd is less prone to temper tantrums when she eats appropriate fats/protein that I've figured out how she likes her eggs - breakfast has been ezpz - she like a fried egg over easy - before I figured it out - she'd only eat bkfst sausage for bkfst and yogurt... In the summer I keep veggies cut up in bags in the fridge and put them out on a plate on the table w/some salami and cheese... makes for easy snacks....

                      They eat what we eat. I don't limit their carbs...but they understand they HAVE to have protein and FAT at EACH meal.
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                        I have a 21 month old, she's been mostly primal since she was weaned. She eats whatever we eat and we do occasionally fall off the wagon. Occasionally I'll give her oatmeal as well, mostly to change up the breakfast menu. Its a rareity so I don't think it messes her up too much. She has a soy allergy which has helped to rein in the grandmas but I know when she goes to visit she gets lots of junk. Thankfully, since the soy allergy, the junk is usually healthier (well, for junk) with less additives and crap. I figure that grandmas are supposed to spoil the munchkins so I don't complain about the menu. She only sees them occasionally anyway.

                        She LOVES steak, basically any red meat is inhaled. Sweet potatoes are another fav but I try to limit them since she won't eat her other veggie (or will just pick at it) if she gets sweet taters. I've never fed her mush or had to grind food-I cut it into small pieces and she does fine on it. I do the same with all her meats (they end up about the size of a pea. Be sure to cut across the grain, if you do they just kinda fall apart when she bites into them), we've never had an issue, even some tougher stew meat that should have been simmered longer to get tender.

                        We eat a lot of veggies and meats (sadly not grass-fed, finances can't handle that yet) and what fruit is in season (except for berries, most of which we picked when ripe and froze ourselves). Our biggest failing is legumes-we eat a lot of green beans and peas since they are quick and easy to prepare (and often cheap).

                        Our doctor loves her, she always goes on about how she's the perfect size with such healthy skin and teeth and has (or so she told me) passed on some of the primal books and websites I've told her about to other parents.
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                          Thanks for the insight. I guess I just worry about her eating enough since she just picks at the food at most meals. I tried "bribing" her with dried apricots last night and that worked pretty well so that might be the key. I guess the occasional serving of goldfish crackers isn't too abnormal for a primal kiddo.

                          I haven't told her dr about her diet either except that she doesn't eat sweets or drink juices which her dr likes but she is really tall and really thin for her age so her dr told me just to try to get her to eat as much as I can... but you can't force someone to eat right?

                          She's smart and healthy and easy going so I'm probably just being over protective.

                          I like the suggestions about favorite foods! Hers are fruit for sure though too much hurts her tummy and causes some rashes. Cooked or dried fruit is better. She'd eat breakfast sausage all day long and her biggest meal of the day is scrambled egg with cheese for breakfast.


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                            Could she be going through a phase? My muchkin will eat everything in sight for a few weeks, get plump and suddenly start picking at food, shoot up a few inches and go back to inhaling food again. Right now we are in a nibble phase which drives me bonkers. I figure as long as she gets one big meal and then at least a few bites at the rest (and her sleep is normal) she's fine.
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                              Originally posted by Kaylee99 View Post
                              Could she be going through a phase? My muchkin will eat everything in sight for a few weeks, get plump and suddenly start picking at food, shoot up a few inches and go back to inhaling food again. Right now we are in a nibble phase which drives me bonkers. I figure as long as she gets one big meal and then at least a few bites at the rest (and her sleep is normal) she's fine.
                              Exactly- my son was up to 4 egg scramble each morning by himself... now he eat's about 1/2 and feeds the rest to the dog. Our dog doesn't mind.
                              Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"