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What's your favorite TV show?

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  • What's your favorite TV show?

    Mine is Big Bang Theory right now... what's yours?

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    History Detectives, though it never seems to be on.

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      ....I watch it with my 10 year old Son who's sense of humor is pretty immature, so not sure what it says about me, but watching those people get jacked up on courses cracks me up....the sh*t they come up with!
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        South Park Theme Song - YouTube

        South Park

        although lately, we've been really enjoying King of the Hill on netflix


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          Hot in Cleveland with Betty White. She is just such a crack up!


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            Originally posted by Rodulu View Post
            Hot in Cleveland with Betty White. She is just such a crack up!
            I freaking love Hot in Cleveland... Betty White is my hero. I'll cry when she's gone...


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              Now that Big Bang Theory is in reruns I guess it's one of my faves now. It makes me laugh. I also like the reruns of 3 and a Half Men and House. I watch reruns rather than originals because they are always preempting the originals or moving their time slots or not doing new episodes so I gave up on originals and just wait for the reruns.
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                Gotta be FRINGE all the way!
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                  1. Spartacus. Every episode is like Gladiator meets 300, except there are topless hot chicks all over the place and the fight scenes are better (don't worry girls, there's plenty of eye candy for you too).

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                  2. Archer. It's funnier and more clever than everything that's ever been on TV. Ever.


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                    Madmen. Very well done show.
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                      Once Upon A Time (another great show from the writers of LOST)
                      The Big Bang Theory - can't get enough of it


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                        Ditto on The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon Cooper is amazing. But Parks and Recreation has become my favorite show, ever since the gay penguin wedding. And Ron's cornrows.
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                          best show of all time: band of brothers (more of a mini-series than a tv show)

                          great show that is no longer on: deadwood

                          best show on tv now: justified. although i think game of thrones is pretty good too. i also watch walking dead, spartacus, family guy and big bang theory


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                            I like Mythbusters, Ancient Engineering, and similar programs. I haven't had television for years so I watch what I can on hulu if I have time.


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                              The Big Bang Theory and HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother)