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My experience during first two weeks Primal

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  • My experience during first two weeks Primal

    Today is my first day of Week 3 of living primal, and I thought I'd post my 2-week experiences for any newbies or whatever who might be wondering what to expect those first two weeks.

    First, let me say that I came from a very carb-heavy diet... lots of rice, potatoes, alcohol, pasta, bread. I also went cold turkey: no dairy, no grains at all. My only indulgences were some dark chocolate most nights, and some wine (probably too much) 3 nights of those 2 weeks. I may have ate a few too many nuts.

    1. Weight loss: I lost 5 pounds the first week, and 1 pound the next week (which came off as ounces every day). I think the initial 5 pounds was water, and now I'm digging into the fat, so it's coming off more slowly. (Note: I didn't start out really overweight to begin with.)

    2. Carb flu: I didn't experience it until about 3 days into primal living. After that, it hit HARD for about 2 days. It slowly subsided after that, and I don't really notice it except some occasional dizziness every once a while when I stand up too fast.

    3. Energy levels: At first they were low, low, low. But after the second week started, I noticed a significant increase in my energy. I stopped needing afternoon naps!

    4. Sleep:
    Again, at first my sleep was interrupted. But by the second week, I was sleeping like a baby! Even through Hubby's snoring!

    I'm not where I want to be yet, but I definitely think I'll be continuing this past the 30-day trial that I promised myself.

    One note about Hubby, who also started this with me (and has had a few more indulgences than me, including dairy and a cheeseburger bun): He has lost a total of 9 pounds in the two weeks. He's gained some muscle (already getting bigger guns and all he does is pushups), he's down a belt notch, and he never went through carb-flu. (He wasn't a pasta-head like me.) And he didn't have a lot of weight to lose either (started at about 180 and he's 6'0").

    Hope my experiences can provide a little encouragement or information to anyone wondering what those first two weeks are like!
    Female, 40 yrs old, 5', 120 lbs (post-pregnancy)
    Went Primal January 2, 2012!

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