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  • Sleep restored - insomnia over

    Hi Guys,

    I am new to the forum, although I have been lurking. I am a healthy athletic male (39) who moved to Primal around a month ago; cold turkey.

    I don't need to loose weight. However, I suffered from intermittent bouts of brain fog and insomnia. I would wake up after two hours of sleep and not get back to sleep. I have a job for which I need my brains, so I needed ways to remedy these issues.

    I cut grains, refined sugar and legumes. I scaled down somewhat on exercise, with one heavy weight session a week and one or two Tabata HIIT sessions.

    All my sleep and brain issues seem to have vanished! Actually a few days into Primal already, but I thought it was coincidence. Now I start to believe that it is not. I make solid nights of sleep of around 7.5 hrs. No more waking up at night and much sharper during the day! What's more, I feel more open, social and energetic. As a bonus my chocolate and sugar cravings are gone!

    Here on the forum I saw some postings from people who have trouble sleeping after going primal. For me the opposite seems to happen and I am grateful for it. Just thought I share this experience.

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    Great news Erkan and welcome! I'm one of those struggling with sleep... I think I need to ramp up my exercise more.
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      Same here! I think part of it is that between the weight loss and the lack of inflammation, my sleep apnea is gone.


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        Originally posted by Buzz71 View Post
        Great news Erkan and welcome! I'm one of those struggling with sleep... I think I need to ramp up my exercise more.
        Buzz, thanks. Actually, I scaled down on exercise. Only one heavy session left and twice Tabata, usually sprints or indoors on a rowing machine. So it has become relatively minimalist in time spent. Shape however is now better than ever.

        I am not a food-nazi to myself, and I don't have a fixed daily pattern of what I eat. I would get bored anyway with eating the same each day at the same time. I also don't eat at fixed times. Basically just when hunger or social obligations dictate it. However, I love the challenge of staying completely primal though, and don't find it difficult.

        Improved quality of sleep came all by itself. Don't stress about it. Don't follow strict rules - just be relaxed and try to be as open as you can. Get things off your chest and try and have fun - laugh a lot. It comes with the "playing" part of primal life-style. With the improved sleep, the brain works better, which makes the above easier again. It's a bit circular.

        I posted elsewhere on this forum that I have been taking ice-cold showers for well over a year. Apart from going primal this has been one of the best habit changes in my life - although I guess cold showers could be qualified as primal. It is a tremendous mood lifter in the morning. Three deep breaths and just enjoy the shock. The first time is difficult, but you will see that in no time you will be able to spend 4-5 minutes. It is very addictive. Can't do without anymore.