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Help getting my parents healthier

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  • Help getting my parents healthier

    I'm basically looking for a non-confrontational way (if it's confrontational their minds just close up and are no longer receptive) to help them see eating healthy and exercising regularly as a positive, possible, change they can make. I hope some of you have experienced the same predicament with your relatives and can offer advice.
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    My parents won't change either, I'm the child, why would they do what I say when they've told ME what to do since I was born.

    The WAPF has several seminars in different cities throughout the year and you could give them each a ticket to one of those, as a present. If, of course, it's financially possible.


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      Good luck with that, I'm trying the same thing with my parents. Like a lot of other issues in this world you can't just change people, they have to want it for themselves. My philosophy going Primal was that most people wait for some sort off catastrophic event in their life to make any real change. So I did it before anything went really batshit and focused on my health.

      I was just talking to my mom last night and asked her if she would give up grains for 30 days. There was NO WAY that she could do that, even when I said try it and go back to the bread and all the crap. Sometimes I wish I could just grab them by their collars and tell them that it just might save their lives, or at least improve the quality of it.

      My parents have some chronic issues, and I really think that this lifestyle would benefit them immensly. I'll be watching out for this thread to see if anyone has any great suggestions.


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        I doubt you can sell them on the whole lifestyle, but maybe you could help them tweak things here and there. I got my mom trying coconut oil because she's been concerned about developing early-onset dementia. I found some articles about coconut oil helping some patients with advance Alzheimer's and emailed it to her and the next thing I know, she ordered herself a gallon of that really good stuff from Tropical Traditions. I think she was receptive because she likes trying alternative approaches (she once put together a homemade salve for me when I was having eczema issues), and because she's a little scared about her health.

        I think she'll pay attention when I tell her how much primal has helped my digestive issues, too. They had been getting progressively worse over the year before I found primal, which concerned her.

        So if I would describe my strategy... um... I guess it would be, identify their fears/weaknesses and give them small and easy-implemented steps that get them incrementally closer to primal? And tap into any compassion they might have for you to convince them that you're doing right by you, which might also do right by them.
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          The ONLY thing that might work with older folks who are cast in stone is to buy them the book, "Wheat Belly" by Dr. Wm Davis.
          Why is this carbohydrate different from all the others? | HoldTheToast! by Dana Carpender
          Wheat Belly | Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight

          This book is REALLY SHOCKING to old people who set in their ways, so shocking that they will change their diet.



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            These are my two cents based on experiences with my family: there is only so much you can do before the ball is in their court. After a while it is not worth your time. You may feel like it's your responsibility to make sure they take care of themselves but it really isn't. It sounds heartless, but the best way to approach this is to buy them the PB, tell them you care about them, and give them space. You know what they say, you can lead a horse to water...