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  • Possessed?!

    Hi everyone! I have been primal for 2 weeks now and with the exception of a wee bit of dairy here and there, a sushi night out, and a pint on another night out, I have been cold turkey and staying within the 50-100 range every day.
    Been feeling great- 3rd day I had a severe migraine and dizzy spells which passed. Last night I got home from work and it was as if a switch had been flipped...
    Any little thing my husband said or did set me on a rampage, I was frustrated to no end, and nearly through mytub of raw milk yogurt at my husband! I proceeded to be unable to regulate my body temp despite standing next to the woodstove where it was 80deg and was freezing until 1am, when finally the switch was thrown again and I felt totally normal. I have NEVER acted this way. I tried searching some old forum topics but haven't found much.
    Has anyone else experienced this level of irritability? Will it pass as part of detox or should I expect it again?

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    First part sounds like what others have described as carb flu, second part may be because of when you had your higher carb days (the pint, sushi, etc) without the appropriate uptick in physical activity.

    Others can answer more in depth, but most say it's 3-4 weeks of hardcore diet change to get really acclimated.


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      So, a high carb or wheaty meal could trigger a bitchfest? If so, no more for me! I lovemy family too much...


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        The stress placed on your system from the high-carb wheaty meal could certainly increase irritability and make it that much easier to fly off the handle. So yah, stay away from that stuff.
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          You sound exactly like my (soon to be ex-) wife during that interlude, except she was like that nearly all and every few days. She is/was as carb addicted as they come, and refuses to eat meat fats (but will eat dairy).

          I am glad you got over it. My wife did not and we separated in highly distressing circumstances, and I certainly grew to actively despise her for it.

          What you describe about being unable to regulate body temperate and it being like a switch was thrown, into the odd state for no reason, out again later for no reason - is her to a tee (but repeatedly, natch).


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            Also, hate to be like "zomg its hormones," but it could be hormones. Specifically, carb flu interacting negatively with normal hormone fluctuations, causing stress and overreactions
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              It sounds like a carb flu, like others have said. Mine lasted about 3 weeks, and I wasn't feeling great, but I stuck with 30 strict days and came through it really well. Since I've been primal, it's like my sense of what is going on in my body has been activated. My wife and I never purged the house of all the grains, so I've had some granola bars recently. My knees started to hurt last night, and I'm convinced that it's inflammation from the grains.

              During that first 3 weeks though I was pretty irritable, but had to keep it in check b/c I'm a stay at home dad with two little ones. Maybe increasing your carbs a little while you're going through this phase might help.

              Stick with it! It will get better, and if not go to a doctor.


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                Thank you all for your kind and prompt responses! I honestly have NEVER flown off the handle like that and it was scary! I am definitely sticking with it. I am sure the hormone thing added to it Corvidae- hope its not TMI but I did end up getting my period today as well, though acting like a heinous bitch is not historically one of my PMS symptoms. Migraines are though and I'm hoping primal living helps with that to....
                Thanks again! What a stellar community to be a part of!


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                  I believe when I tried the cold turkey route, I had that. I was miserable when I went that route-crying, unstable emotions, all kinds of illnesses -way beyond carb flu and more likely to be a Herxheimer reaction. I finally relapsed and went back to my old ways of eating. The second time, I dropped things one by one until I was truly primal and had no issues whatsoever and have been at it for six months.
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                    Carb flu + PMS hormones = Demon hellbitch

                    Good to know lol!