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Zero Waste Home--literally!

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  • Zero Waste Home--literally!

    Did anyone read this article?? I saw it in a different magazine but it's very inspiring!

    Zero-waste California home -
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    I follow their blog. It's quite inspirational even if my wife and I will never quite get there ourselves.
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      That is damn cool!
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        Inspirational. My husband and I are currently looking at ways to cut electricity and waste. We compost as much as we can. It is almost all food packaging that ends up in our garbage (which is a small bag every two weeks). The butcher I go to doesn't wrap meat in brown waxed paper, everything is on those styrofoam trays with plastic wrap, even custom orders. I hate it! Even if you rinse them off they start to stink after a couple days, which means we empty the garbage and put in a new bag when the other is not even a 1/4 full.
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          i'm a fan of simple and without clutter, but there is also some value in that room where you have the stuff on the wall, the photos, the ugly room with the happy things from your life, where you go and you will drink a beer.

          if i will have some clean, no-clutter house, i will still keep one ugly, lived-in room, where humans live and they keep their little mementos. of course, because i have style, this room in my house will look good. i don't know about you people. maybe you are better off throwing everything out.


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            i mean, one thing is to be simple, but it's another thing to be sterile.

            their living room doesn't look warm. it is one step away from a star trek spaceship.
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              also, this zero waste obsession, it is foolish.

              the big machine of modernity is colossal; i see no sense in stressing the brain to squeeze every last drop of efficiency out of the life; for every 5 pennies you save on some little detail, there is a factory in china that is spitting on you.

              i am not for sloppy use of electricity, but i do not see the benefits of squeezing little drops; squeeze squeeze.



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                I agree that the modern arrangement is much too sterile. A truly zero waste home would have been built out in the woods with existing and available materials, to start with. These people seem like they're building a creepy, hospital-like utopia rather than a home.
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                  Zero waste maybe, but it's all new stuff.... hmm.
                  Prefer hobbit houses myself A Low Impact Woodland Home


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                    Originally posted by NorthernMonkeyGirl View Post
                    Zero waste maybe, but it's all new stuff.... hmm.
                    Prefer hobbit houses myself A Low Impact Woodland Home
                    dat hobbit house is boss!

                    as for thanks. sounds boring to be that crazy about it, but maybe I'm just materialistic. clothes from thrift only? really???


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                      the aesthetics are a matter of opinion, honestly. i read this quite a while ago and liked the aesthetics of the place. it's my style. I don't have any art on the walls, for example, or pictures of family, or whatever else. It's my preference. BUT, my furniture is used (most of it) -- though my bed and dresser are new (and sustainable harvested, eco friendly, organic, and what not).

                      as for the rest of it, it's not really "zero waste" so much as "quick disposal." -- she leaves packaging at the store. any of us "could" do that, and then it will likely go to landfill. whereas, when i bring packaging home, i discover that it is recyclable, and so i recycle it.

                      we are moving to a point where we want to have very little plastic waste in the home -- such we bring our own bags for fruit and veg and such. And, when we buy bulk, we use paper bags, which we reuse and recycle. and, we are starting our compost as well.

                      thus, we have a low-waste home. we also live in a small, efficient space to keep down costs of electricity, heating, etc, and use public transport (walking as much as we can) as well as cautiously use our car (we try to keep it down to once per week).


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                        the aesthetics aren't opinion.

                        a beautiful face is universally beautiful. same goes for home interiors, though it's a little tougher to pin.

                        when a room is cold, it's cold; if you think a cold room is warm, there is some dissent in the brain.


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                          no, it's not objective. a beautiful face is not universally beautiful. nor is a work of art, or any other subjective expression or experience.

                          when you are speaking about ambient temperature, then you might be talking about objective standards, but when you are speaking on art and beauty, then you are in the subjective realm.

                          i choose simplicity -- white, woods, and minimal to no adornment. this is my preference. most people find it "cold" or "austere" -- but I find it really comfortable, warm, and lovely. I like the simplicity of it. always have.

                          and no, there's nothing wrong with my brain.


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                              From the article:

                              Q/ Do you have a TV?

                              A/ We do, for movies, but no television channels. We rent through Netflix—either online or by mail. In the return envelope, I put back that little strip of plastic that is intended to be thrown away. I’ve contacted Netflix, encouraging them to find another way.

                              I found it pretty funny that he's mailing what little garbage he does accumulate back to netflix.
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