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  • Any other SAHMs here?

    I'm a SAHM to two kids, ages 1 and 3. I work part-time from home (I'm a writer), and am trying to start some volunteer work, too. I tend to think being a SAHM presents certain unique challenges, and just wondering if another other women in my situation wanted to post their thoughts on it.

    So far, my biggest challenges have been trying to get some exercise and changing my kids' diet. Both of my kids are carb-heads (your standard grilled cheese, macaroni & cheese, pizza, french fries). In addition, the littlest one doesn't have back teeth yet, so I'm worried about giving her meat. Could puree it, but I am also lazy by nature. lol

    Exercise is even harder. I can do pushups and stuff around the house while they're playing, but getting in my long walks seems impossible. I'm way too tired to do that stuff in the morning before Hubby leaves for work, too tired after he gets home, and can't keep the kids entertained enough to do it during the day. I have thought about putting the baby in a backpack and pushing my elder one in a stroller through the mall, but I know that'll only last so long before they get fussy.

    Any other SAHMs have challenges they face?
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    I'm a SAHM. My children are 7 and 10. My biggest challenge isn't the kids. My family and I have been traveling for almost a year in an RV looking for a place to set down roots. I have to find decent food and have to compromise by eating conventional meat most often. I also have no long term food storage. My introversion is holding me back from exercising. I am always surrounded by people at the parks I stay in and I have a mental block about running or working out in front of strangers. I do walk a bit at night when everyone is sleeping. It seems we will be settling into an apartment in the next two months so I will have space soon and they have a gym that no one uses .


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      SAHM mom here. At this stage, you'd find your exercise in the play aspect of primal blueprint, IMO. Chase them around a playground, go swimming, learn soccer together, have sprinting races through the park. It doesn't have to be for a set amount of time, just when everybody collapses

      As far as the carby foods, we just don't stock it in the house. I do keep containers of primal friendly yummy food that they can grab and go.

      It's been 3.5 months since we've went primal and the whining is barely negligible now.

      We were not primal when my youngest was that age so I have no suggestions for the meat. But pureed meat sounds interesting!

      You really hit the nail on the head though with the lack of time SAHMs tend to have with regards to their available time. I have friends who have to buy out the time and, each does it in their own way. One gets up before everyone and goes on a leisure stroll, sometimes its a brisk walk - but as she feels the energy, she goes with it. The other goes before supper, the other after supper, and yet another drops her kids off with relatives to blow some steam on the concrete trail.

      For me, I get my walks in spurts. Walking the kids to school, sprint races around the block, random playing on the monkey bars. The last time I hung upside down on the monkey bars I was 7, in which I fell and broke my arm. It only took me 25 years to get back up there. C'est la vie!
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        Ground meat is perfect for little ones. Rest assured, though, that the gums can do a lot of chewing. They are pretty tough. Here is a link on baby led weaning.
        Baby-led Weaning: A Real Food Approach to Feeding Your Baby | Nourished Kitchen


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          also a sahm. until recently, a home schooling mom as well. my eldest decided to go to school a few months ago, and now i'm putting the younger two in care for 10 hrs/week so i go back to school as well. but we're still home the majority of the day.

          special problems? well, i think there are a lot of advantages, such as greater control over my environment (no coworkers offering donuts after i'd missed breakfast). but yeah, there are a few aspects which make it more difficult. i don't really have time to myself. i generally have wiggly "weights" as i struggle with my girly pushups and one-legged bridges. kids cling to my legs as i try to sprint. they think it's some sort of a game. then there's the lack of sleep which decreases motivation, and the fact that a shower isn't always that easy to come by. oh and i get so sick and tired of making, and cleaning up after, 3 meals a day. that's a lot of time in the kitchen! but as they get older, it will be easier to take them on long hikes and bike rides, so i'm just going to hang in there.
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            Yep lots of time in the kitchen here too but I am happy with our lifestyle change.
            I have a 4 year old and a 19 month old.
            It was challenging to get them to change to primal in the beginning but once my husband join in of course it made it easier. (since they do copy us after all).
            So far ive not had any challenges as I do my exercise early in the morning or at night after dinner.


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              I'm also a stay at home, my oldest two are grown and the little one is four. My younger daughter is a senior in high school and gives me a hand from time to time. My hubby is open to primal, but likes his snacks. My son(the four year old) has some major food issues and eats pretty much anything that isn't primal and won't eat anything that is. I really have to work to get any kind of protein in him. Exercise usually happens when my son is in preschool, because nobody wants to give me the time off while he is home. I have a significant amount of weight to lose(100+) and because of other health issues it is coming off very very slowly. I am hoping to take enough off to go backpacking in the Cascade Mountains(probably not this summer but next). We family camp pretty regularly, although with the economy we haven't been doing so much of it.


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                SAHM mom here too, kids are 10, 8 and 3. I hit the gym regularly with the 3 yr. old while the other two are in school, and if not, they all come with me. I've got a cool gym, the kids like it. Working out is not my challenge, its the (over)eating aspect that's a problem for me. I am at home a lot, and find myself frequently foraging even when I'm not hungry, just because I'm around food. Even though the food is primal, I've gained 5 lbs. over the winter so far, and I just can't buy nuts or dark chocolate because I'll eat way too much. Many times I deliberately overeat at mealtime so that reduces the urge to snack. We spend a lot of time outdoors during the other 3 seasons, but winter is hard and I'm in the kitchen much more than I'd like.


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                  Me too. Kiddo is 21 months old and eats everything so haven't had to deal with any whining. There are days when she doesn't eat some things or she gets tired of certain things and will only nibble but I don't stress. She may nibble one meal but she'll pack it away the second.

                  We went the baby-led weaning way and I love it! No nasty jar foods, no mush, no junk. I really think it helped build good eating habits. I've never had her NOT try a food. She has tasted stuff, wrinkled her nose and then set it aside (or bombed it to the dog but we've been working on that) If I give it to her a week later she'll taste it again. I've been around friend's kids who at 18 months won't eat anything but crud and have a screaming meltdown if they don't get a food they like.

                  Exercise is hard. We go on walks, when kiddo takes a nap I have the P90X workout vidoes plus some others I some times use, and we have a full weight set. Sometimes its hard since when she takes a nap I rush around getting chores and such done that are easier without muchkin assistance. I wish I felt more comfortable going for longer walks though, I feel scared walking alone (even though our neighborhood is fairly safe). It would be nice to have another mom to go walking with. Everyone around me either works full time and is gone all day or is retired and arthritic.
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                    NewSAHM here. Lost my job over the summer due to pregnancy issues. I have a 23 month old and a 4 week old. I went primal when I was 4 weeks preg with my second. I did real food with my 23 month old, so it was a matter of eliminating things like pretzels for teething. Once a week I spend about 2 hours in the kitchen and cook several meals so I can just reheat portions throughout the week. With the loss of my job we no longer buy organic and struggle to make ends meet. The hardest part, in my opinion is that my MIL has been taking my oldest during the day and sometimes overnight to help me out. I always pack plenty of primal food for my daughter to eat while there but it all comes back untouched. I hear about eating fast food, crackers, and tons of junk. I don't know if my generally happy daughter has been having meltdowns recently because she doesn't get anyone's full attention due to her little brother or if it's because she's eating carb-crap and deficient in good fats, protein and veggies. How do you put the smackdown on someone trying to "help" you? Also, hubs isn't primal, so when he snacks on chips, pop, etc my daughter begs off of him. At least he waters down her pop. I used to let it go because my daughter was easily 90% primal, but now that I'm being thwarted on all sides....

                    Exercise is just trying to survive with sleep deprivation, but as soon as I'm able I'll start 10 minute trainer and work my way back to P90X. My daughter loves working out. Ironically, my hubs is a 3 day a week Crossfitter, so if he works out she works out with him. She will probably will do the same with me.


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                      I'm a SAHM and I homeschool. I have a five and seven year old and I'm 28 weeks pregnant. My husband works full time and goes to school full time. I've always loved cooking and after three years doing a Nourishing Traditions type diet, the primal diet is much less time consuming (no soaking, sprouting etc.)
                      I do find it impossible to workout. There are no gyms in my area with childcare, we live in the midwest so outdoor activity with two small children is impossible much of the year and it's hard to get motivated to work out at home with two little ones constantly demanding my attention.
                      My girls have both grown up eating real foods and aren't picky. They eat nearly anything I give them and, since they've never had much junk food, don't whine for it.
                      I have a great support team of friends though. I have a number of homeschooling, SAHM friends that are gluten-free, grain-free or on GAPS (plus my mom is very supportive and never gives my kids things I don't want them to eat) so that helps.


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                        Homeschooling mom/WAHM -my kids are much older (12 and 11) but extremely picky, especially the older one who is vegetarian (really a pastafarian would be better term).

                        I do workout at a Cross Fit Gym three times a week, either early (5:30 AM) before my husband leaves for work or during my son's Jui Jitsu class which meets at same gym or Saturdays while he's home. The kids and I walk a lot too.
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                          Well, I'm a SAHDad, and it's unfortunate that we can't just be Stay At Home Parents. I'm not knocking your post AT ALL. I'm just saying it's about time that we (as being Primal and all) embrace a different point of view. I still deal with the same issues, for the most part, that SAHM's do, except I'm not accepted as a part of the stay at home community.

                          What do the SAHM's think?


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                            SAHP here to. I'm a mum too but thought I show some solidarity for ChefGrok and all our other SAHD's out there.
                            Mum to 5 and 3, two dogs, an unsupportive DH, a 19yo stepson and a 73yo FIL. Currently hosting the 19yo's friend while they find somewhere of their own.
                            Advice?? dont have any for you. Sorry. But Issues....OH yeah. I've got issues..... but in order to keep a positive mind set.....I'll keep it short.
                            Kids are cardiofiles, DH thinks I've joined a cult, dogs keep me awake at night and no-one else seems to know how to use a broom!!!!!
                            deep breath!!!
                            I get my exercise in though, via | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness | the kids either watch a movie or join me in the garage or ride bikes down the side of the house. I've trained them to give me that time at least. And it is cute watching 3yo bouncing in the ball at the dip station!!


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                              I was JUST going to mention bodyrock! I love the work outs- interval and body weight training- you can do them here and there in bits or do a work out all at once, most are 20 minutes long at most. And then whenever I think of it, whenever I pass the pull up bar, I do a few pull ups, whenever I pass the stairs I do a few push ups, when I feel like it I do side lunges and squats, etc.

                              I'm a stay at home mother to two girls, a 5 1/2 year old and a three year old. They learn at home. I'll be going back to school in the evenings full time in March and I imagine that things will be quite crazy then.
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