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The composition of primal poos

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  • The composition of primal poos

    Well firstly can I say.....I am officially on day 3 of the primal diet. and one huge thing i have noticed, is the effect that this is had on my daily movements. I am not sure whether i am creating this thread for pleasure, for gloating, for reassurance that this is normal and in fact very primal, or just purely out of boredom; but I have definitely noticed a huge change in my shitting habits.

    (Seemingly) gone are the days where I would be flushing (sometimes multiple flushes were required) down a footlong, whether it be in the one piece or broken up into several, and then taking up anywhere from a quarter to a full roll of toilet paper due to their sloppy and all round unwipeable nature. Pooing is now an absolute dream, and wiping up in just a few toilet paper sheets after a few solidly formed nuggets of waste cleanly breaking away from my body is truly a delight, saves a lot of time, and is all round much more environmentally friendly.

    One thing I have noticed though - it now requires a huge effort (in comparison) to actually punch these nuggets out. I almost feel constipated when trying to pass a motion, which confuses me as I thought my diet was very much improved. Though I am aware the body will probably have an adjustment period, I was just wondering if others have experienced this, and whether from those experiences I can one day look forward to the feeling once again of not being constipated when I try and poo? I am also noticing that I am remarkably more flatulent now on this new diet too - should this pass?

    Thanks for your help and hope you're having a great day/night wherever you are


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    It sounds like you are still adjusting, but in saying that are you drinking enough water? Eating enough veg?
    I am not sure on the flatulence, as that went away for all of us since going primal, its not actually normal to have that much gas.


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      Yeah, no gas here either unless I eat something I shouldn't. It sounds like you might have too much iron? I'd try upping my veggies and more water and maybe try eating less red meat and maybe more white meat and see if that makes a difference?


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        I'd say it's fiber you're missing. As it was already mentioned above, try eating more veggies and drinking more water, that should do the trick.
        I find it amusing that I managed to eat while reading this post (about poop and all).


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          DroppingS is right...while a stealth footlong is certainly entertaining to talk about and see, I believe we're supposed to have several well-formed nuggets like you said, and I also need to drink more water. It's always been a problem for me.

          Just be thankful you haven't had a hysterectomy with a side effect of a slight rectocele. Not fun.
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            I had a nugget problem a few weeks back when I was still eating too many carbs, including LOTS of coconut & chocolate sources of fiber. I've recently upped my fat intake by a lot while ditching the coconut and chocolate, and it all comes out easily lubed.
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              Ive noticed this as well as prior to being primal my poos would be pretty rough and take a few flushes and wipes! But now i can drop one in like a minute and be done and sometimes my system doesnt even need to poop on a daily basis
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                  3 days is not long enough to equilibrate. But I definitely get constipation from going very-low carb. I do best on a mixture of about 40-60% beef, 20-30% sweet potato or other good starch, the remainder various plant foods including berries, vegetables, and nuts.
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                    It's caused by nerve damage done to your rectal nerves from GIANT boulders you used to drop.
                    Watch some videos from Konstantin Monastyrsky ( ) and you'll understand. This guy is a genius when it comes to poop and intestinal disorders


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                      Don't feel too odd about the question. I recall the 1st time I went through carb flu. I swear I had a dropping of the entire length of my large intestine (okay maybe slight exaggeration) but it plugged up my toilet for about 2 days. Unfortunately the plunger died; got a new one and worked on toilet that night it didn't have hope. By the next evening all "worked out" and toilet was no longer plugged w/ my carb flu remnants. But that was probably a week plus into PB. I'm sure you're normal - it's just your version of carb flu... but do up your water, some veggies perhaps but it took me awhile to realize I also wasn't eating enough fat. The fat is key - as someone mentioned - it lubes up nicely.
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