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Early in and extremely hungry

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  • Early in and extremely hungry


    I've only been on the Paleo diet for 10 days now but I'm having some concerns and I'd like a little advice.

    I am a 26 year old male, 5'8 and ~112 lbs. I didn't go on the Paleo diet to lose weight. I went on it with my wife who is trying to lose weight. While she is doing fantastic and already seeing weight loss and energy gain, I'm having a different experience.

    Since day three, I have been extremely hungry, just about all the time. When we cook 'meals', I am eating at least twice as much as I used to eat when carbs were around and I never really feel full. I just feel like I need to stop eating the food for the moment. That usually passes in 20-30 minutes and I'm on the hunt for more food. I'm concerned as I'm basically consuming food whenever possible all the way up until I go to sleep, only to wake hungry the next morning.

    I've even gone out to eat with my family at a restaurant, ordered a Paleo friendly meal, devoured the entire thing (something I never used to do, always needed a take home box) and then cooked food as soon as my wife and I got home. Then its still a banana or two, a can of peaches, an avocado, some pecans and hazelnuts, and sleep before I eat the rest of the groceries we bought that day.

    Is this normal for someone who is underweight starting the Paleo diet? Is there another type of food I should add to try and staunch the hunger? Or should I just try to wait it out?

    Thank's for any advice you might have,


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    Looking forward to the responses about this too. I too am a newcomer to this diet (3 days in) and find myself starving constantly. Though I haven't really had the opportunity for proper lunch breaks at work yet either so that could have something to do with it. Looking forward to hearing from more experienced primalists anyway.



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      Hi there
      My husband started with by default (he didn't really need to lose much at all) at first he was hungry too, but he still wasn't eating enough fat, so I made sure I cooked with more coconut oil or ghee, and when he needed snacks he was having raw macadamias or cashews. (He doesn't need to snack now) He did lose a little in the beginning because of this (but still in a normal weight range) now he has adapted to fat burning (instead of sugar) he is not as hungry as often, but he is maintaining his weight.
      So short answer is up your good fats, and possibly your protein as well. You may well be eating too much fruit too (so too many carbs, so you won't switch over to fat burning, which keeps you going for much longer )


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        I'll second that. Are you eating enough fat? If you think you are and are still hungry then increase it and see how it goes.


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          Since you are extremely underweight, I'm going to advise that you listen to your hunger, increase healthy fats into your diet to see if it satisfies you longer, and just stick with good primal foods. Your body is liking what you are feeding it and telling you that it wants more. Mark blogged about this How To Gain Weight Eating Primal | Mark's Daily Apple


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            I felt STARVED my first week of living primal. So I ate when I was hungry. Period. It was the only way for me to avoid feeling lightheaded and dizzy.

            Now I feel much better. I'm not starved all the time (in fact, my appetite seems to be decreasing).

            I'd suggest eating when you're hungry. At 5'8" and 112 lbs (and a dude), you must have the metabolism from hell (or heaven, depending on your perspective lol). I'd say enjoy the ride and eat up!
            Female, 40 yrs old, 5', 120 lbs (post-pregnancy)
            Went Primal January 2, 2012!

            Paleo Cooking for Cavekids cookbook


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              Agree with the above posters, increase your fat and protein and eat as much as you need to in order to not be hungry. Eating too much fruit (I would consider a couple bananas and a can of peaches at a sitting too much fruit) is not going to help you in the long run. Keep your carbs more moderate and up the fat! After a few weeks I bet you'll even out and not need to eat so much.


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                I had this same problem. People told me to increase my good fats but I was already eating tons of good fat and I couldn't think of how I could could increase w/o eating spoonfuls of coconut oil! (I know some people do it, but no thanks...) I just ate good food when I was hungry and eventually it went away...the same way I didn't feel any changes in energy for a while either. Some people just take longer to respond, I think. I've been in about 4 months.