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  • 9-cup challenge

    I've been following PB for about 1 1/2 years now. I'll continue to follow it for the rest of my life. It changed my life, my health, dramatically.

    And yet -- I wanted it to be better. I was having great days, but not every day. There were too many days that were still 'meh'.

    In December, Mark posted about Terry Wahls, and how she cured her MS via diet. TEDxIowaCity - Dr. Terry Wahls - Minding Your Mitochondria - YouTube

    I went and I got her book. While she talks in the text about no grains, and how her diet doesn't contain any grains, there were still a lot of recipes that had grains in them. So I was disappointed.

    But I still decided to try it -- to challenge myself to eat 9 cups of veggies per day. They way she breaks it down is this:

    3 cups leafy greens
    3 cups other veggies
    3 cups colored veggies -- which actually also contains brightly colored fruit -- 1 cup each of red, purple and yellow

    I've been following this for a couple of weeks now. All I can say is WOW. It's made a tremendous difference to me. Every day is now a good day, my brain awake and functioning. I feel like it's the difference between good health and optimal health.

    The only comparison I can come up with is chocolate. People always told me that chocolate makes you feel better, but I didn't feel that way, not until I had pure, 3-ingredient, 85% cocoa chocolate. Maybe it just takes 9 cups of veggies for me to feel amazing.

    It's been easy to get this many veggies into my diet, since I'd already made the switch to PB. It just meant adding a few more. It means more planning and more cost, but feeling this way it's certainly worth it.

    So for those of you who are questioning the efficacy of PB, I would challenge you to up your veggie content. You might just be surprised, as I was.
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    she really swayed me to want to eat more veggies too...haven't really gotten there yet though. are these 9 cups of cooked veggies, or 9 cups raw? that makes a huge difference. 3 cups of raw leafy greens is nothing...but 3 cups sauteed spinach sort of a lot of food


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      Measured raw. It's easy to throw the vegs into soups and smoothies. I've been making kale smoothies - easy to obliterate cups of greens in the blender! Don't forget the sulfur-rich veggies.
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        When first starting the pb i was always unsure on my intake of veggis thinking it was too much but then i realized a few weeks ago alot of veggis is a great plus! now i dont stress if i cut up 8 1/2 x 11 inch cutting board full of veggis! Soo bomb
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          I personally thing vegetables are overrated from a health perspective. My problem has been eating too many vegetables with my daily BAS. I have been reducing my vegetable intake and my gut is very pleased with this change. I think it would depend what you're displacing with the vegetables. Are you removing nuts and cured meats in lieu of more vegetables? In that case, I can see it making a big difference. Also, if you are coming from a diet consisting of very little vegetables, no organ meats and lots of muscle meat, I can see vegetables helping a lot since there are vitamins and minerals in vegetables that muscle meats do not contain.
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            Can you give an example of what these 3 different veggie types might be on a sample day? This is an interesting idea that I might try to employ at least temporarily to increase my veggie intake (which is very very low as it stands). I could have each type with each meal for the complete 9 servings.
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              I've definitely felt the same improvement. It was pretty drastic, I like it a lot better coming from mainly meat with maybe a couple cups of vegetables on top of that. I was bloated and gassy as all hell the first couple of days but it has slowly reduced to almost nothing, now at 6 weeks. Another thing is I'm preferring them raw more and more, even the "bitter" greens don't taste all that bitter to me anymore.


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                My wife and I have been trying to follow Dr. Wahl's guidelines as well. I haven't noticed any huge difference, in part because I was eating a good bit of veggies anyway. To be honest, I don't think I have been up to the 9 cup mark on a daily basis, though usually have pretty big salads and lots of other veggies. I have been missing the mark on colorful veggies. On the other hand, I have been nailing it on liver and seaweed!


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                  In her lecture she is a bit more targeted, but still not extremely specific... (Which I kinda like... it's a set of guidelines, not a set "diet")
                  Remember... it is Primal/Paleo... and she cured her MS (remission) with it so I wouldn't discount it at all.
                  Personally I'm coming from a chronic health issue situation and while I'm am currently doing a regular, relaxed, PB... I will likely move towards the 9 cup goal.

                  Per Dr. Wahls video lecture... (all raw measurements)
                  3 cups dark leafy greens
                  3 cups sulfurous veggies (cruciferous, onions, mushrooms, etc... google helps here)
                  3 cups brightly colored veggies -- which actually also contains brightly colored fruit -- 1 cup each of red, purple and yellow

                  She also recommends regular meals containing wild caught fish, and sea foods, grass fed meats, and seaweed once a week.

                  As far as I know there were no prohibitions against eggs (assuming that they should be from pastured hens just like the meats), nuts, or nightshade veg.

                  I don't know that I'll hit the 9 cup mark everyday as I currently struggle with lack of appetite and nausea from medication... but then just like all of those who do all meat, bacon, and fat ALL the time, I just don't believe that Grok ate all meat or all veg/fruit every single day.
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