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Primal/Paleo Resources in Chinese?

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  • Primal/Paleo Resources in Chinese?

    Does anyone out there know of any blogs or book translations in Chinese? I want to pass this info on to my parents but my Chinese isn't sophisticated enough to get into the details. I stumbled across the Chinese intro at but so far that's the extent of my findings. Any leads would be appreciated!

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    You probably don't need very sophisticated Chinese to tell them to avoid processed food, margarine and vegetable oil, and everything American.
    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      Originally posted by Grumpy Caveman View Post
      avoid everything American.
      Heh, they have to do something with all those US paper dollars they have sitting over there losing value. I'm sure the highest quality American meats will be shipped to China because Americans will be priced out of it.


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        Originally posted by auroura View Post
        Does anyone out there know of any blogs or book translations in Chinese?
        Hi there, I found this reference to Robb Wolf's The Paleo Solution that had been translated into Chinese by this lady: Shaoyu Chang | LinkedIn , but I can't find the actual book for sale. Might have to flick Robb 'n' Co. and email.

        I'm looking for info for my wife and her family as well. Got them on O3's to fight inflammation but they wont cut the wheat ...yet ^_^


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          Did anyone ever find anything in chinese? My chinese is also not up to standard to explain these concepts and they think I am weird anyway. Just this morning my mum tried to tell me that bacon isn't nutritious and shouldn't eat it.

          My mum always had high cholesterol readings, so it's mostly a genetic thing, but it's gone up recently and is now trying to reduce it by having two bowls of oatmeals a day. Because it absorbs the fat. Even though I tried to say it isn't the fact. Trouble is I can't explain why it's not the fat. *sigh*

          I would love something like Good Calories Bad Calories in Chinese... or something like that with less science. They're not particularly well-educated and I don't want to them be so bored by a book that they don't finish it and get what I am trying to say.