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One step forward, two step back

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  • One step forward, two step back

    How long before I stop undoing all my hard work? I was going great these last week. But this morning, after an early start, I got to work to be told your day is to sit here, go through this list and create accounts for anyone who hasn't got one... manually. So by lunch time, off I went, for a walk, went past the chocolate shop...

    Although I do recognise that I am falling off the wagon less regularly, I still find myself now sitting at my desk at work having scoffed a bag of chocolate and toffee coated Macadamias (at least they had nice big nuts in them??)

    So frustrating. Who good tactics for not letting fatigue get the better of your resolve??

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    Well first of all try not to think of it as undoing your hard work. Eating something that's not primal doesn't undo the wonderful primal things you put in your body yesterday, or and hour ago. Enjoy it and don't feel guilty or what's the point of putting it in your mouth yk? Then get right back on track.

    As for not letting fatigue make you reach for the sweets, plan ahead. Pack yourself some primal bars, or bag or mixed nuts or even a heartier snack like devilled eggs or a sort of second lunch.

    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon


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      I try not to keep snacks... because, well, I'm a snacker. I'd have eaten my whole snack supply instead. Which I guess in this case would still have been better... humm...

      Now that you pointed that out... I do have some brazil nut spread.. some protein powder... I was fully able to make a better snack.

      No, must stop thinkning along these lines.

      *deep breath*

      Thanks, just had to vent. I know what to do, just need to remember it when it comes over me.


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        Always remember 80/20.

        There is solid evidence that people who eat foods that make them happy do gain health benefits as well (within reason). If you can find *real* chocolate covered macadamia nuts, then you are still eating a pretty darn good for you snack.


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          It's 20% for the next week. lol.


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            Alas it was milk chocolate. =)

            I had my sugar crash at the end of the day, suprise, suprise, but I am pleased that so far, i've managed to keep it to leftover chicken and a spoonful of double cream.... mum gave away all my almond butter pumpkin brownies at work...

            I think my next baking project will indeed be be some primal bars, but not today (it's 35C here today, I would not be popular with my family if I turn the oven on).

            Thanks for "listening" to my vent guys!