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But I want to eat at our family dinner!

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  • But I want to eat at our family dinner!

    Hello! I am happy to have found MDA! I didn't realize that my "new" and healthier eating habits were actually called something. I ran across a book called "Wheat Belly" and it opened my eyes about why I was plagued with digestive problems related to eating. After we gave up wheat, my husband and I have continued to cut out sugar and other processed foods and we're feeling great. He's lost a lot of weight and we both feel better than ever.

    Anyway, a quick question now that I have discovered an entire group of people who are experienced with primal eating. Eating as a family is important to us, but I'm finding that I'm not hungry at the right times... After eating breakfast, I'm not hungry again until almost 4pm. If I eat then, I am not hungry for our family dinner time, which could be anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30pm. I'm too new for IF. I tried that and ended up eating, eating, eating while I prepared dinner and then was completely not hungry for dinner. Do I just eat lightly around 4pm? I am a very social eater -- if others are eating, I end up eating too. That's probably my own issue to tackle, but advice is appreciated. I hate to eat when I'm not hungry, just b/c it is "dinner time" -- but I also want to have dinner with the kids!

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    I would say your best bet is just to eat a little bit of something at 4:00 to hold you over until dinner time. A few bites of something might not seem like much at the moment, but sometimes it's just enough to quiet the belly.


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      Just have a small snack at 4 pm for now. As you are primal longer and your blood sugar stabilizes you will find that being hungry doesn't feel like an emergency any longer and you will be able to resist snacking until dinner.
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        I've always wished I could eat at 4 instead of 6:30, too.
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          +1 to a snack at 4. Family time is as important as anything in PB
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