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Insomnia and Ketosis -- How to make it better without more carbs????

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    no flatulence/bloating from carbs
    Yeah, this should give you an indication that you are "sterilizing" your gut by going low carb. As soon as you add some starches / fruits, you feel bloated. Step it up slowly in the evening, yes, try this and see how things go. You may experience some discomfort at first (feel warmer during the night, maybe more bowel movements, etc) but that would be because your gut bugs are developing (being more fed). At some point, add some fermented veggies in the mix, and RS rich foods like green bananas / plantains, refried cooled potatoes / rice, etc. And if you are still concerned by the glycemy of all this, have a bit of apple cider vinegar before the meal. I'd be curious to hear more about the changes you will experience.