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Exhausted new mom, need advice!

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    Great suggestions from Spughy!

    Also, make sure you are supplementing Vitamin D. Many new moms I work with (I'm a pregnancy coach & also do post-partum work) are inside a lot & D-deficient. Vitamin D Council recs are 1000 IUs per 25 lbs of body weight.

    Magnesium is also deficient for most folk, so supplement with 400-600 mg Mag Citrate or Glycinate. The Magnesium will help with dropping off to sleep more easily, so take it an hour before nap time or bedtime.

    Also, make sure you are drinking enough water & salting food to taste.
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      Stewed meats actually work better for babies - especially nice tender lamb, or turkey - beef is often a bit stringy for them. That's a good idea with the ground beef though! And you can try veggie soups cooked in bone broth - whiz them up in the blender and she might go for them. But there's nothing better for FUN with food than a nice meaty bone.

      Chicken livers! I nearly forgot. Those are great for babies, because they're soft, easy to chew with just gums, and super-nutrient dense. They usually like the flavour, too.


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        Originally posted by Dragonfly View Post
        Also, make sure you are drinking enough water & salting food to taste.
        Make sure that's unprocessed sea salt (like Celtic or Realsalt) so you get the balance of minerals~ straight sodium chloride is worthless~ and don't be fooled by Hain Sea Salt~ it's the same thing as Morton's~ 590mg. sodium per žtsp. ~processed~