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Should I use a tanning bed?

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  • Should I use a tanning bed?

    I work a permanent midnight shift, 10pm-6am, and I sleep through most of the day, so my exposure to sunlight is less than minimal. I was wondering if anyone knows if using a tanning bed would help at all with getting sunlight exposure. I do supplement heavily with vitamin D so Iím not deficient. Thanks for any help.

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    Given that you are so far south, you should have some sunshine when you get home from work. You only need about 20 minutes a day, unless you have dark skin already.

    The only downside to this is that the sunlight may make you be more awake than you want at that time.


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      If you know for a fact that you aren't deficient, then there's no issue aside from pallor. You would definitely have to time your tanning bed exposure (and limit exposure of course) so that it doesn't affect your ability to sleep during the day, so you'd probably want to go in the late evening.
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        Supplementing with vitamin D is no guareentee that you are no vitamin D deficient. Some people can't absord injested vitamin D and have to get it from UVB exposure. You can only know if you are deficient by getting a vitamin D test. If you have insurance this will probably run you around $15.

        Also you will not get UVB rays in the early morning. UVB rays only penetrate the atmostphere for 2 hours on either side of noon standard time.

        If you decide to use a tanning bed use in moderation (DONT GET TAN) and use the cheap beds because the produce a higher percentage of UVB rays.