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    I'm a bit new to this. So, I get that there is to be little/no light when it's bed time. But is there a place for white noise in primal sleeping habits? I love to keep my windows open when the weather allows, and when it's cold out I usually keep a fan running to keep the room from getting stuffy. Is this okay, or is it disturbing my sleep?

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    How do you feel when you wake up? How you feel is all you need to determine whether your sleep is good or not. As long as you keep light levels low at night time you should be good to go!


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      Honestly, I don't know what the experts would say, but have you ever lived out in the middle of nowhere or gone camping in the woods?

      It's freaking LOUD! All kinds of animals and bugs moving around and talking to each other, wind blowing through the pines... it's definitely not stone quiet.


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        I also keep a fan running in my bedroom year round. It blocks out the traffic noise from outside, the DH and DS's night-noises from inside and keeps the room from being stuffy. Almost more than having the light off, I believe it contributes to good sleep.
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          Thanks. I feel great when I wake up, so I guess some white noise is alright. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing better than falling asleep to crickets and waking up to birds chirping!