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  • Feeling hot and cold

    I'm female, 46, had a hysterectomy but they did not take my ovaries. I think I still have my cycles but I have no idea where I am in the whole menopause thing.

    Is it normal during the healing process of this diet (6 weeks on this diet for me) to feel extremes of hot and cold within your body?

    When I first started this diet (actually during the transition to this diet) I would often get intensely hot during the day as I walked around campus and sometimes also in the middle of the night. Then it went away. It has come back again lately.

    Lately the weather has gotten a lot colder and since this is Southern California it's common for there to be no heat in buildings. I get cold really easy. I sit in my unheated office with the cold tile floor with my feet and hands freezing and one jacket on my lap and one worn.

    I take a walk at lunch and sometimes during the walk I'll feel like I'm burning up inside. Touch my skin and you wouldn't feel anything though.

    I ride a motorcycle which also makes me really cold going to work and coming home. It's not so bad going to work since I wake up feeling hot and can tolerate it better in the morning.

    At home I'm usually wrapped up in a down blanket, even through much of the summer since it's foggy and cold much of the summer. I'm almost always cold during the evening.

    Stressful social situations make me cold. There was a period of time in my 20s when I couldn't interact with people without my teeth chattering and my body wracked with shivering. I had one of those events the other night during a stressful, emotional evening with friends (a friend died recently and we were told a haunting beautiful story of her death.)

    Sometimes after riding my motorcycle at night I'm so cold I have to put heating pads all over me to warm up and even then it takes hours and I'll be shivering. Once I get warmed up though I will wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, burning up. It feels so good.

    I've always been like this but it seems to be coming on a lot more frequently on this diet, especially during the day. Is this part of healing my broken metabolism? Is it just part of being a woman? I can recall many times working in offices where all the women wore hats and scarves and all the men were in T-shirts cranking up the air-conditioning. Do you think it's something else?
    Female, 5'3", 50, Max squat: 202.5lbs. Max deadlift: 225 x 3.

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      I had the same uterine experience as you so, I too didn't know when "the change" was happening or not. There is a simple test your doctor can do to find out. That sounds like the most likely culprit so ruling it out first makes sense.

      The Primal diet tended to warm me up but not in fits and starts like you are describing. I just went from always having cold hands and sleeping in socks to. well, comfortable.