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Scholarships for Health/Nutrition/Fitness?

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  • Scholarships for Health/Nutrition/Fitness?

    I'm back in school, finally. My local college just started offering a recently-approved degree program called "Health Education and Wellness Specialization." It's EXACTLY what I've been wanting to do as a career change. Nutrition, fitness, meditation, and all kinds of healthy living practices.

    I've been writing essays and applying for scholarships to no avail. With the exception of Federal funds, I'm paying for school completely out of pocket.

    Does anybody know of any scholarships focused on health/wellness? I would love if there was some way I could use my weight loss story to earn me a scholarship. I mean if a high school athlete can get money for school, why can't a girl who lost half her body weight, right?


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    Have you checked your local library? When searching for info for my daughters I came across several books that detail all kinds of scholarships.