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A bit tired of Durianrider lying about the paleo/primal diet...

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  • Originally posted by SteveRB View Post
    I had to bump this thread, because the latest news from Durianrider is that he got crowns for all his teeth. He bragged that he saved money getting it done in Bangkok for 15k, instead of the 50 to 100k it would have cost in Australia.

    Maybe pouring pure organic white sugar into his fruit smoothies wasn't such a good idea.
    LMAO, classic!

    For such a smart guy he's pretty stupid. The link between carbohydrate consumption and tooth decay goes back 10,000 years. You'd think a thinking person could save both 15K and their teeth.


    • Actually durianrider (dr) is quite smart - he bases his success around attacking every other person on the net doing his diet, including other vegans ! Do your research - the 30bad site and the poor souls following that "cult" i feel sorry for - just read the forums and people putting on massive amounts of weight and getting major health issues. DR censors his forums - or even worse - other followers just advise the person to keep trying and eat more carbs, even though they have been doing the diet fir a year or more. If you did the massive amount of cardio dr does, you could eat anything and be thin