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  • Paleo and Pregnant!

    I have been paleo for over a year now and my husband and I are expecting our 2nd child. Not paleo with the first, I feel I am now giving my baby the best chance at great health and longevity. However, I am extremely nauseous right now=( all foods I once loved I find repulsive at this moment. Can someone please advise me on what to eat or do for this! I do not want to give up paleo because I will feel even more like poo(already tried the saltine/sprite zero thing ugh:/ ALL advice would be MUCH appreciated.

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    Well, I don't know, but I want to say congratulations on the kids. This is the most beautiful thing in the world, two parents and many children, a strong family; it does not get better than this.


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      Thanks and I totally agree=) Making a baby is a PURE MIRACLE...a special gift.


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        Do you eat potatoes at all?

        Unfortunately, carbs and cheese were the only things I could stomach for five months. I'm having an awful time trying to transition to a better balance now. Try lemons. Or a low sugar homemade lemonade for nausea. Eggs can be brutal on a pregnant tummy. Although I found the yolks were more the problem. So you could eat the whites and then use the yolks for something else.


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          I can't help with the foods because that is normally based on individual taste/needs etc.. When I was pregnant (not paleo at the time), I could only eat lots of small light meals for the first 3 months. A simple tea of ginger normally helps with nausea. Raspberry leaf, peppermint leaf, and nettles could also be taken in tea form to help provide nutrients and ease nausea. Hope you feel better soon .


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            I'm on week 34 of my second pregnancy and I'm paleo with this one and not the first. Unfortunately, from week 10 to week 20 of this pregnancy all I could eat was a slice of bread. I lost 15 pounds. Once I could stomach paleo I started eating well again. I tried crystallized Ginger, peppermint, teas, etc. You just have to make it through until you can stomach paleo again. You may be able to get away with baked potatoes, rice or sweet potatoes to keep to healthier carbs. From my own research/reading I have a theory. Meat carries a higher potential toxicity level than veggies because the animals can physically eat more toxic ingredients than humans (read gmo crops). Anyway toxins are stored in fat tissue. Avoiding the potential to consume some sort of toxin during the early formation of the baby and he baby's organs is your body's top priority. Eat what you can until your body passes this temporary stage. So far with a paleo start, 10 weeks of one slice of bread a day, and back to paleo the baby is very healthy.


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              I wrote an article on Primal Pregnancy nutrition (including tips for nausea.)
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