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Primal for other reasons???

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  • Primal for other reasons???

    I am clearly interested in (and have started living) Primally to improve my health (read get rid of "diseases of SAD") and LOSE WEIGHT/IMPROVE BODY COMP.

    My DH, at 5'10" and 160 lbs soaking wet (yah, he's got one of THOSE metabolisms), is going Primal for health reasons - to cope with/heal from a wide variety of allergic problems (food, airborne, etc), Crohn's disease (diagnosed), possible Celiac (he's got the symptoms and the genes, but not the antibody levels yet), intestinal organism imbalance, skin problems, etc. He also comes with a genetic history of digestive cancers (grandmother and mother) and diabetes 1.5 (late onset type 1 diabetes - dad)

    I am curious to hear the stories and successes and trials of those who have gone Primal for health reasons OTHER THAN weight loss or getting buff.

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    I want to outlive the trees in my yard, so I can stick out my tongue at their fallen trunks in mockery.

    Longevity and a complete nutritional profile are my goals. Just a few years ago, vitamin was a dirty word to me.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


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      I think originally it was a combination of hating how I looked naked (I was about 30 pounds overweight) and wanting to feel healthier in general.

      Now it's pretty much knowing I feel like crap if I eat like I used to. Plus, it has helped a lot with my migraines and ADHD.


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        Good thread. I am doing this for relatively typical reasons, however my husband is trying ti with me because of crohn's. We are still trying to figure out what works for him because he can't stomach protein like I can, and needs as many calories as possible, so sometimes low residue hi carb foods are necessary. He also will never give up beer no matter what. I'll be following this thread to see what others say.


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          I first found Primal looking for a way to reduce my dependency on medication to control my seizure disorder. Now that I have lost all the excess weight and things are stabilized, I am going to start gradually dialing back my doses and see what happens.


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            Wow PB, improvement of seizure disorder? That's awesome! The more I read, the more it seems this way of life is a critical key to resolving so many health problems - even things we don't normally associate with diet. Sure, most of the info I find online doesn't say "follow Primal", but what it does say is veggies, fruits, meat, fat, nuts - no dairy, no legumes, no grains - and I'm talking about "healing" diets for everything from FM and digestive diseases to neuropathologies - pretty much every disease associated directly or INdirectly with inflammation.

            That's kind of how we back-doored into Primal for the DH - he's been really unhappy with Medical Establishment and its lack of help with his multiple, systemic symptoms, and so I just started typing in searches like "Crohn's healing diet", "intestinal dysbiosis healing diet", "anti-inflammatory diet", etc, looking for anything that might help - really feeling like we were going to have to solve this ourselves, and each time, the answers I'd find were almost always THE SAME.

            Its hard to quantify his improvement just on Primal, because its been a process of moving from SAD to no-dairy, to no-dairy, no gluten, to Primal. With each step along that continuum from SAD to Primal, he's healed more, felt better. The last month (our truly Primal time), he has continued to improve a lot. I am so happy to have found a way of living that can support both of us - diverse issues, but a surprisingly similar healing path.


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              I want to "Look good hiking". I miss hiking and would like to be able to get back into it. That was my reason and motivation.

              Now I've added health reasons as I've just lost my father due to complications with his heart (he had a transplanted heart 12 years ago).


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                "We are still trying to figure out what works for him because he can't stomach protein like I can, and needs as many calories as possible, so sometimes low residue hi carb foods are necessary."

                We have the same issue - trying to get enough protein and fuel calories into him because he just doesn't absorb much, ya know?

                What seems to work best for my DH are coconut milk and berry smoothies with either raw eggs or egg based protein powder (I know - very questionable PB, but you gotta work with what is tolerated sometimes, and sorry Mark - but your's has whey/dairy).

                Also, I make him flax bread (almond flour, flax meal, coconut oil, eggs and baking soda - found the recipe online - very easy and yummy) and he eats that with nut butter or tahini and a little Manuka +16 Honey (you could sub any raw, organic honey -he likes the natural healing benefits of Manuka).

                Both of these are pretty calorie and fat (read energy) dense, with some good but pretty easily digestible protein - they seem to keep his energy level very even and don't cause digestive upset.


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                  I found primal after losing 50 or so pounds putting me at 40 yo female 5'6" and 125lbs and hungry all the time eating small low fat meals including grains 6 times a day. I now eat primal high fat and protein 3 meals a day and do not crave at all. I love it so my goal was to eat normal amounts of food and not feel hungry all day long. Oh and I want to feel good and be active for the entire time I am intended to be here on earth. For me my 40's feel 10 times better than my 20's thank you fat and protein.