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Girls trip to Tunica to gamble, any advice

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  • Girls trip to Tunica to gamble, any advice

    This weekend is my annual girls trip to Tunica Ms before our husbands start their weekend trips to AK duck hunting. I am so excited but this will be my first trip now that I am primal. There will be buffet for food, I am really not worried about breakfast, I can have them fry me up some eggs and eat bacon and fruit. Dinner I guess I will stick with shrimp and crab legs and lots of veggies so I can be certain that no gluten is in any seasoning. I am gluten intollerant so desert will need to be fruit and maybe a cheesecake if it is crustless. Alcohol I am thinking of sticking with wine. I am gonna pack a cooler with my coconut manna, homemade salad dressing and coffee creamer. Any other tips welcome.

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    TUNICA!!!! Awesome. I am originally from Memphis and Tunica used to be the spot for my husband and I when we wanted to have a hot date night. Jealous of the duck you will be eating soon. My dad only does deer and turkey. I don't think you need any more tips. I would say "Eat lots of prime rib", but that's just me.


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      Oh prime rib sounds good too. Yea the duck I am looking forward to. My husband looked at me so strange when I ask him to please save me all the duck livers he could this year. I have come to like chicken livers and can't imagine how good wild duck liver will be. I keep telling my husband I need deer but he is trying for a big buck and said he will get me a doe toward the end of the season so no deer yet. We live on 100 acres so anytime I want he will go out and get me a turkey as we have way too many around. They dove hunt every year but they don't last long, we eat them so quickly. I have lately been trying to get my son to go out and get me a rabbit but no luck there. I guess I need to learn to hunt these days.
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