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Is food expensive where you live?

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  • Is food expensive where you live?

    This is $70 bucks worth of primal food from the Farmer's Market where I live. How do prices compare where you live?

    In case you can't tell what all this is, there is some grass-fed beef (chuck steak, ground and sirloin steak), pastured raw butter, pastured eggs, cilantro and I think the other veggies are recognizable.

    I'm not totally complaining since you know, I probably won't need lots of health care in my old age. Plus I can afford it for the most part, so long as I'm frugal in every other aspect of my life. But I'm not done with my grocery shopping yet today.

    I just thought I'd post this in case any of you feel that eating primal is expensive. If you don't pay the kinds of prices I do living in one of the most expensive cities in California, you can't complain!
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    no idea where you are from .. but that looks like a $15 basket from a local CSA here, and idk how much for food .. butter and eggs arent much cash ..

    if that was not grass fed beef i would say thats $30 worth of food here.. i dont get grass fed as often, only when i can buy in bulk .. i am currently debating a 1/4 cow @ $4.50 a lb .. and a 1/2 pig @ $4.75/lb .. both grass fed all natural etc ...

    but farmers markets to me are some of the most expensive way to buy things .. imho ..
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      The produce would be $15-$20 here. I pay $8/lb for ground beef, $8 for a dozen pastured eggs, $7/lb for butter (though not pastured raw) and probably $16/lb for steak. $20+ for stuff like ribeye. So I could easily pay $70 for that depending on how many pounds of meat are there.

      I'm in California which gets pretty expensive.


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        Here in NZ we'd probably pay around the same at my local "organic " farmer's market.
        I guess you could get it cheaper at the standard farmer's market.

        But then food has gotten pretty pricey here in the past few years. A general election is coming up and one of the main parties is saying that they'll knock th general services tax off of fruit and veggies, which would be fantastic! Just as long as they don't add a fat tax...
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          I think I paid close to the same as you on meat, Daisy. The butter was $10 a pound, the eggs were $5. The veggies are all organic and local. This is my food for the week, minus the weekend when I'll be backpacking. I have to share this food with my boyfriend. Hopefully he'll buy some food, too. He'll have to if he wants any fish. The salmon at the market was $21 a pound.

          I think maybe I will not shop the farmer's market anymore. It's not cheaper and might be a little more expensive since the meat is never on sale.
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            Hey wouldn't it be fun to have a little contest to see how much Primal food we could score for $100?
            We could take pictures of our "kill", and the receipt.
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              Originally posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
              Hey wouldn't it be fun to have a little contest to see how much Primal food we could score for $100?
              We could take pictures of our "kill", and the receipt.
              Oh how I wish I had $100 for food.

              Just spent $40 (canadian) on groceries that have to last me 2 weeks. Least I'll lose weight because I'll have run out of food...
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                Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
                I think maybe I will not shop the farmer's market anymore. It's not cheaper and might be a little more expensive since the meat is never on sale.
                Pro Tip: Go to the farmer's market in the last half hour. If it's like mine, lots of booths are marking stuff down. Generally half off at mine. Smaller selection but it's quite a deal.


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                  I live in the Seattle area and farmers markets seems expensive around here. Prices are usually double what you would pay for the organic version at the grocery store. I don't really pay attention to the prices of vegetables, but grass fed ground beef is around $6.50/lb, roasts are around $8/lb, and steaks are $12-$20.

                  By contrast wild caught seafood seems cheap. Wild Alaskan Cod goes for $5 - $7/lb and Wild Salmon can be as little as $4/lb in season, but is usually around $9/lb. I even found a source for smoked wild Sockeye for only $12/lb.

                  I know milk isn't paleo but my wife and I both tolerate it well and frankly we love the stuff. We go through about a gallon a week in smoothies and coffee. Price is $5 from Twin Brook Creamery. It is not homogenized so it can be a little chunky, but in a very good way.


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                    They don't sell meat at our local markets but I went today and I got
                    10 potatoes ($.60/ pound)
                    4 pounds carrots ($.50/pound)
                    4 pounds Sweet potato ($.60/pound)
                    5 parsnips ($1.50/pound)
                    2 Big Lettuces ($1.50 each)
                    5 capsicum ($.60/pound)
                    1 cucumber ($.80 each)
                    2 pounds tomato ($.60/pound)
                    3 doz free range eggs ($3/doz)
                    1 coconut ($1 each)

                    values are approx as I converted to pounds but it cost $25 and will feed 4 people for a week.
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                      The local farmers' markets here are for the trust funded elite that have taken over the city, it's the equivalent of a food boutique. They make Whole Foods look like a discount outlet. More power to them, it a tough row to keep a farm going in New England but I cannot afford it for regular shopping.
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                        Yikes! I thought food around here was expensive, but then I forgot about California...I could probably score that loot at a Farmer's Market here in Madison, WI for 40-50 dollars, I think. More like 30-40 dollars if I went to the local co-op. The co-op's prices on the produce (from many of the same vendors) would be higher, but the prices on the meat and eggs would be quite a bit lower (larger scale vendors - still local but not quite as close to home).

                        I love farmer's markets, and we have several, but my husband grows most produce that can be sourced locally, so we generally go to the market only so he can inspect and compare other people's vegetables. Most men are into electronics, or cars...not mine.

                        Our main market is a freaking tourist attraction around here and very boutique-y, but we also have several smaller markets with lesser known vendors where you can do much better on produce. The smaller markets usually don't offer meat, though.

                        Also, I'm only starting the primal lifestyle, but I found out that we do have local butchers and meat lockers that have bulk discounts and buyer's clubs, so I'll be looking into that.
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                          Here in Japan butter is $9.5 usd per pound...if you can find it as there is a butter shortage here right now. Food is pricey here!


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                            I'm in California, but do most of my shopping at whole Foods, because it's really difficult for me to get to a Farmer's Market at the moment. Food for a week, for one person, was around $86.
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                              the produce minus the peppers and tomatoes, dozen eggs, and maybe 12 oz butter would be maybe $20 here. another $5/lb ground beef, the same price for chuck, and maybe $8/lb for the sirloin. this time of year the organic tomatoes and peppers suck AND are expensive so i don't buy them. but organic sweet peppers are $4 each, and those tomatoes would be maybe $2-3. so we're looking at $55ish before tax.
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