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US News Best Diets - Paleo being voted down massively

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  • US News Best Diets - Paleo being voted down massively

    There was quite a stink a few weeks back when US News published their "definitive" guide which ranked diets according to the advice of a panel of nutritional "experts".

    Paleo ranked 20, dead last. They put up a page and asked folks to click on whether the diet had worked for you. Soon paleo started accumulating a huge amount of "yes" votes, well over 5000. If you looked at the votes, there was an overwhelming outpouring of folks saying "well screw you US News, it worked for me!". I hadn't looked in a while, but something curious has happened. While other diets like Mediterranean, Jenny Craig and the top rated DASH diets each barely eeked over 1000 votes one way or another (and more 'no's) all of a sudden there are over 20,000 "no" votes for paleo. For all of us, we know something is up here. I haven't met anyone who has given paleo a fair chance and not had a positive result. But you'll notice that the Atkins Diet has also been massively voted down ... but the Eco-Atkins Diet, a vegetarian derivative of Atkins, has been massively voted up. As has Vegan and Vegetarian by almost the same margin that Paleo has been voted down.

    Seems to me that word got out amongst the veggie faithful that the paleo folk had started voting it up and so paleo got more yes votes (it was like 5000 yes to very few nos for a while) and got a bunch of folks to vote it down. You can't tell me that over 20,000 people that randomly read that article had tried paleo and only a couple thousand Jenny Craig. Something fishy is happening here, or is it rotten durian fruit?
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    Apathy is tyranny's greatest ally.

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    Seeing a lot of new articles about this report now. This one:

    Best Diets? DASH, TLC, Mediterranean Are Tops, Experts Say

    From that bastion of Conventional Wisdom, WebMD, simply states about paleo:

    "Entire food groups such as dairy and grains are excluded."

    But they should have said "entire food INDUSTRIES are excluded"

    Atkins is dismissed as having "Too much fat, too few carbs, the experts say."
    Apathy is tyranny's greatest ally.


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      Okay, well... they win...the internet.

      In other news I'ma have a ribeye, aight?


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        It scarcely matters really - the move towards paleo / primal will continue and no cheating vegans can stop it !


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          I agree with Darth,

          Seriously, pass me another steak before I go out and buy some smaller cargo pants... >.>

          (I'm actaully going to go get myself a pair of vibrams today! ^_^ Thanks mom!)
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            I went to this site and voted on the diets that did/didn't help me. It didn't count my vote in the Paleo/Atkins section but when I did a test on the vegan and checked yes the number went up. It seems that it only counted my vote when it liked the results.


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              Yeah, I'm not buying it either - that 23,000 people tried Primal/Paleo and it didn't work, but a vegetarian diet has them all click-happy. Not to mention that about the same number of people that tried Paleo and hated it ALSO tried vegetarian and loved it.

              Sorry, that's just a little too much of numerical coincidence for my taste.

              But hey, more meat for me.


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                Let the tards eat what they want then. More delicious coat my mouth in fatty goodness ribeye smothered in butter, mushrooms and garlic. they can keep their boca (barf) burgers.


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                  The Slimfast Diet ranks higher than Paleo. So eating two Slimfast bars or shakes & one "homecooked meal" a day is healthier than Paleo. If it wasn't so depressing it would be laughable!


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                    Originally posted by DarthFriendly View Post
                    Okay, well... they win...the internet.

                    In other news I'ma have a ribeye, aight?
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                      Originally posted by KestrelSF View Post
                      Something fishy is happening here, or is it rotten durian fruit?
                      This cracked me up.