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Has anyone's gastritis gotten worse with increased fat intake?

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  • Has anyone's gastritis gotten worse with increased fat intake?

    Please do not flame me for asking about possible harms that high fat can body is very weird and not the norm.

    For the past three months I have had horrible horrible stomach pain. I go to bed at night and by lunch the next morning it is back and lasts the rest of the day. About two months ago I was diagnosed with h. pylori. I don't know how accurate of a diagnosis that was, though, considering everyone supposedly has some of this bacteria in their system. I was bombarded with heavy antibiotics to kill it. Everything was fine for a week after the antibiotics....then it returned. The doctors have stuck me on yet another round of antibiotics to see if it will eradicate it this time.

    In the meanwhile, I'm not 100% sure that it is the h. pylori causing my stomach pain. Over the past year I became primal and increased my fat intake a lot while decreasing my carbs. I have to wonder if I didn't go to the extreme and it is causing some acid rebellion in my stomach. I literally eat nothing but eggs, bacon, meat, butter, coconut oil, and nuts. Is there such a thing as fat overload for your body?

    I really hate being on meds and have tried for over a year to fix everything naturally (probiotics, digestive enzymes, manuka honey, mastic gum, hcl, etc.) but I honestly have had no other alternative because the pain is so intense it is affecting my living. The doctor won't do an endoscopy on me because I've recently been on Clomid and in the off chance I am pregnant (in the two week wait now) he says it is too risky, which I agree.

    I would appreciate any thoughts/ideas anyone may have concerning this. Thank you.
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    Don't you like vegetables at all? I tend to eat about 50% of my food as vegetables - usually cooked, occasionally salad. I can't imagine eating as you have indicated - I'm sure I would have stomach ache too!


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      Well during the first round with the "h. pylori" the only thing that didn't hurt my stomach was meat. Anytime I ate veggies the stomach pain flared up. So I stayed away from them for about three weeks (one week before the antibiotics then two weeks of antibiotics). I did go back to eating veggies after the antibiotics. So now I'm wondering if that was a bad idea. You can see my logic I hope?