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PMS, bloating and not loading weight

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  • PMS, bloating and not loading weight

    Sorry about 'loading' stupid atomatic type with my iPod.

    I've been on a part primal diet since Aug. And a strict 90% primal eating for the past 2 weeks. This week I've gotten really bloated from PMS. Mentally it's hard to see/feel a jiggly stomach and retain hope that I can lose weight. The bloatedness usually lasts a week. Last night I had 300 calorie pack of chocolate and ate a bunch of sunflower seeds (lack of another snack food in my house). Sigh.. Anyway of naturally bring down period bloat?
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    What's your water intake like? If you are snacking, it probably means you aren't getting enough food at mealtimes. What's your average day like food-wise?

    I found that my bloating evaporated when I went primal. I eat 2-3 eggs with nitrate-free bacon in the morning (or a smoothie with mixed berries, protein powder, & coconut milk, or a banana instead of the berries). If I'm hungry for lunch I eat leftovers from dinner (veg and meat, often spaghetti squash with some kind of meat). Dinner is veg & meat. Pretty simple! Everything is cooked in olive oil or coconut oil.

    Also I must correct you: "giggly" would be a laughing stomach! It's "jiggly"
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      Thanks! It's 3am here in Seoul, I'm not the best speller in the morning.

      Yesterday I IFed for breakfast. Had 2 boiled eggs and a small orange around 10. An odd korean lunch served by training center I was at. Apple for snack. And dinner was some pork bits, tomato sauce and veggies. Then I had 2 boiled eggs and that helped the hunger. Then I hinged on some chocolate, sunflower seeds, and orange.