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  • Henna hair dye?

    Does anyone use henna hair dye? If so what brand do you use? I was thinking about trying lush henna(yes I know it is not "pure" henna but the ingredients are natural). I want to switch to henna hair dyes because I have cut down on my use of chemical straighteners. I know hair dyeing and straightening are not primal, but I am a very vain girl who likes to play around with her hair.

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    I'm not sure if it is available in the USA but I use a brand called Logona. I think it is German.
    It is 100 percent plant based though not all of the colours are just henna, some of them have other botanical things and I think there is coffee in some of them. I
    It is a very well known company for natural make-up and skin care too. It is the closest thing I have ever found to natural hair dye - I've been using it for about 4 years.


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      First make sure you are not allergic to it. I am. (And it was a high-quality brand.)


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        I second the recommendation for body art quality henna. If it's pure you don't have to worry about it interacting with any other color or treatment residue on your hair or in the future.


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          I used Lush's henna (a mixture of rouge and brun) and it was great. It made my hair thick and smooth to the point that I did not need conditioner (I still shampoo & condition everyday, haven't moved to no-poo yet). I didn't mind the smell, though can add your own ingredients to adjust the smell (esp. if you like coffee). Check out lush's forums for pictures and advise, that's what made me decide to do it.

          Maybe 6 months after my last application, I bleached some highlights in my hair. They came out a little orangey, but nothing terrible, and since there were not metallics in the henna, my hair didn't get fried. Definitely a plus. I don't know how "real" henna works in terms of trying to change your color afterwards, but I know that most people consider it inadvisable.
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            I used to use Lush henna Rouge, which is just henna (pure, no metallic salts) and cocoa butter. I found it conditioned my hair really well, but the results were less bright than I expected. After a few Lush applications, I switched to BAQ (body art quality) henna, which is finely sifted and therefore much easier to rinse out. Also, the stain was brighter and more long lasting.

            One thing about henna is that it's impossible to bleach out without destroying your hair. If you find you're bored with the colour, you have to either go darker, chop your hennaed length off, or live with the 2-tone look (like me at the moment)!


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              ^False. Lush henna has no metallics and thus it will not "fry" your hair when bleaching any more than bleaching on virgin hair would. I did it myself recently and it was fine. But like I said, it'd been probably 6 months since I'd last applied the henna. It WILL leave a red tinge when you bleach over it, since henna is not a dye, but a stain, as you mentioned.
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                Another +1 for using body art quality henna from a reputable henna artist, like or Otherwise you can't be 100% certain that there aren't metallic salts mixed in with the henna powder. While the metallic salts aren't going to kill you, they will cause any chemical hair dye you use in the future to melt your hair like curling irons melt Barbie hair.

                When I dyed my hair, I just mixed body art quality henna with hot chamomile tea and left it on my head for 3-4 hours. I'm blonde, so after three applications I got an awesome, rich, dark red out of it.

                The first 6 hours my hair was orange though. Henna oxidizes to its final red color over a couple days.

                If you want a more brown color, check out for recipes that mix henna and indigo.
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                  These are all great answers,I was looking into body art quality henna, I was just worried because I dye and straighten my hair quite often, so any "hidden ingredients" or "surprises" are a big issue with me.


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                    "One thing about henna is that it's impossible to bleach out without destroying your hair." = " It WILL leave a red tinge when you bleach over it, since henna is not a dye, but a stain, as you mentioned."

                    Meaning, you cannot bleach it *out* so that there is no red tinge left, without using so much bleach so many times that it ruins your hair.


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                      Somebody plugged longhair community! I'm a long-time member there and also a previous henna user. Make sure you buy body art quality henna. I used to buy from when I hennaed.

                      You've gotten great advice already and the chamomile tea one is really a gem! don't use lemon juice, it just dries out the hair terribly. Chamomile tea has a slight acidity to it and it's a bit moisturizing.

                      ETA: Henna is very permanent! Be sure you are ready to take the plunge.


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                        Henna Hair Dye Website

                        Hey this is a good starting place to learn more about henna hair dyes because it contains reviews on a wide variety of brands arranged according to their color! Also they provide tips and guides on each product. They even have a pretty nice color chart! Hope this helps!