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Leptin reset and holidays

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  • Leptin reset and holidays

    As of tomorrow, I'm beginning Jack Kruse's leptin reset with my husband. I'm really hoping it will help me break through my plateau.

    But, the recommended amount of LR is 6-8 weeks. In that amount of time, I'll go through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and possibly Christmas. Will LR still be effective if I consume more carbs on these days, especially in the form of potatoes and paleo pumpkin pie/bread? Even if I don't consume a large amount of carbs the rest of the time?

    This may seem like a silly question. I just want to do this right, but still have some holiday eating fun.

    For all of those doing LR during the holidays, please tell me your plans!
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    You sound like me for many years. I would eat low carb, except for holidays, then office parties, then Friday's, then's so easy to lose control. I've been doing really good with Primal BP for the past year. People can't believe I can pass up homemade brownies, cake, fried chicken. I make a game out of it--what is the healthiest thing I can eat when faced with a smorgasborg of SAD crap. If you must eat something bad, try to make sure it fits into your <50g carbs a day (or whatever you do). ie. eat 1 bite of a brownie, 1 sushi roll, etc... The worst you can do is eat a whole brownie, then justify 2 more and a piece of fudge, and a piece of fried chicken with the rationalization, "I'll get back on the wagon tomorrow".

    This will be my first holiday season since starting PB, so I feel for you! Hope I can put my money where my mouth is.


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      otzi, this will also be my first time having to deal with holidays while being primal.

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