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Writer Seeks Panera Bread-Type Environment for Primal Blueprint Devotees

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  • Writer Seeks Panera Bread-Type Environment for Primal Blueprint Devotees

    I just started the Primal Blueprint 4 days ago at the urging of two friends I trust. I can tell a difference in how I feel already, and have dropped 3 pounds, though weight loss is not my goal. Just want to feel healthy and live healthy.

    Here's my two problems. I don't like to cook, nor do I have the desire too.

    I eat out every meal. So far I've hit Outback for meat and veggies, IHOP for eggs and bacon, an organic diner for burger w no bun and veggie sides, Chipotle for their burrito bowl sans the rice and beans, and a Brazilian rotiserrie chicken place for just chicken.

    I'm a writer by trade, and used to spend hours at and eat most meals at Panera Bread. It was a great working environment, but obviously I will never eat there again.

    Any more suggestions about dining out primal, or better yet, know of a chill, relaxed, writer's-haven type place like Panera that is primal friendly?

    It's hard for me to work at home. I like to be somewhere public. But I also know I want to stick to my primal schedule judging by how much better I already feel.



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    I'd avoid Chipolte like the plague. Their sauces that they marinate the meat in contain MSG and soy. Their cheese is also made with a vegetable based rennent and supposedly (according to the manager) has gluten in it. And they cook in soybean oil.


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      Elevation Burger


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        Welcome to the forum, Jack! I think Chipotle is a pretty good choice, but Moe's Southwest Grill is even better (if they have one where you live). They use grass fed beef and all of their meals are free of MSG and transfats. They also have plenty of gluten-free options on the menu. As far as fast-casual dining goes, Moe's is about as good as it gets. I'm not sure if it would be a good place to write, though. I wish I could give a good suggestion for an alternative to Panera Bread because you are right about it being a dietary toxic waste dump.

        By the way, are you the Jack Hunter who used to write for the American Conservative? If so, I have always enjoyed your work.


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          Moe's and Elevation Burger. That's a good start and I'll check out both. Thanks guys. I've also discovered that the New Englanbd Clam Chowder at Panera is primal friendly, so that one menu item works.

          And Brewing the Chaos, yes, I'm that Jack Hunter. I plan on writing about this at The American Conservative as the results come in.

          Thanks again and please keep the suggestions coming!


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            I wish I could be more encouraging, but I don't see how it will be possible to eat anywhere outside of the home or someone's home who you can trust. I've worked in a bazillion restaurants from dives to fine dining and not one of them ever cooked their food in anything but oils that are on a Primal no-no list. Even if it was grilled meat, it was normally marinated in something that had one of the offending oils in it.

            I'm not sure what kind of ready to eat stuff Whole Foods carry, but I see people eating there all the time and lingering over laptops.
            kiss = keep it simple, sister!


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              Also, Panera has a lot of salads. Maybe one of those would work if you could just get an oil and vinegar dressing.
              I'd never be able to resist the chocolate croissants or cinnamon scones if I were in there for more than say 23 seconds.
              kiss = keep it simple, sister!


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                i know what you mean about wanting to find a primal-friendly working environment. I used to cruise the cafes of the Mission here in SF on my work from home days. Since I dont have more than one cup of anything caffeinated a day, id have to start buying pastries or other foods to keep justifying my time there. Now I find myself scrounging for places with real food and wireless. Ive found a few cafe-cafes, rather than coffee shops, but the majority of their real food menu is usually sandwiches and crappy salads.

                I dont know of places in DC so I cant give specific advice, but some general tricks ive been using: 1) ive found places that have herbal teas that I can safely keep ordering without risking hitting the stratosphere on a caffeine high, 2) I sometimes bring my own heavy cream for when I do get coffee, 3) there are some beautiful libraries around the city that I also hit up sometimes for a change of pace

                But honestly, more and more, on my work from home days ive been ACTUALLY working from home so I can cook myself a fresh steak or burger or leftovers for lunch whenever I want.
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