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  • Am I doing something wrong?

    Hi there folks!

    I've been doing Primal for almost 3 weeks, now and I am doing great with weight loss. Better than expected actually. With very little effort (and no carb-flu YAY!) I've actually lost 10 lbs already as well as quite a few inches all over my body.

    So, here's the thing: I keep forgetting to eat. I am ridiculously happy to have lost the ravenous hunger that was the norm for me throughout my 42 years of life, but I'm starting to get concerned.

    I have ZERO hunger. My son was just at his dad's last weekend, and I realized late sunday that because I hadn't cooked for him all weekend, I hadn't even thought to eat anything for the previous two days. I looked in the fridge but nothing looked even remotely appetizing. I tried to eat an olive but that didn't do it for me and I ended up spitting it out. I forced myself to have a little prosciutto and a few bites of pear but after forcing that down, I felt a little nauseated to be honest.

    This morning, I decided to head everything off at the pass. I made my son and I a few eggs, over easy and a little bacon. I've always been able to eat bacon until there was nothing left. But I literally had a few bites of my egg and half a strip of bacon before I felt so stuffed I couldn't continue. What the heck is going on? I was too full, still to eat lunch. Then, at dinner, I made he and I a beef stir fry with asparagus and couldn't choke down more than a little sliver of beef and a piece of asparagus, even though I thought it tasted great.

    Now, I am a girl who has always been able to eat. I am quite glad to lose that baggage, but I want to be sure I"m not making myself sick in the process. Any thoughts?

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    how heavy were you before you went primal? and how much have you since lost? How long have you been primal?
    Your body could just be adjusting.
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      Something similar happend to me, but I do normally feel hunger within 7-8 hours from my last meal. Sounds like your body is responding really well to the increased protein and fats though. I wouldn't worry too much, but maybe aim for 2 good meals daily, you don't want your body to think its starvation-time, sooner or later the weight-loss will stall, so make sure you are getting in an adequate amount of calories pr day.


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        This is pretty common. I am a year in and still go through phases where I don't have any appetite followed by phases where I eat like a lion.
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          I remember in the beginning going through a non-appetite phase and having to force myself to eat. I just wasn't used to eating fat. I think this is normal and it will pass, mine did.


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            You guys are so lucky. I haven't gotten it all figured out yet...I've lost 13 pounds in about two months (out of about 20 to lose), which is awesome. But I'm hungry all the time...about two hours after I eat I'm hungry again. Everyone says "you're not eating enough fat, that's why you're hungry" but seriously...I track my calories and sometimes I'm getting 60% of my calories from fat.


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              hi everyone, thanks for the responses! Isis, I am 5'4" and started at around 218lbs. as of Saturday, I was down to 208.

              Tashimi, I don't know that you should track calories so much, that just harkens back to CW for me, anyway. calories in do not necessarily equate to body fat as much as the quality of those calories. As for hunger pangs, have you taken a really good look for hidden sugars? when I was eating gluten free grains and minimal sugar, I was still hungry ALL the time. it wasn't enough until I cut sugar out completely. I have to read every label for hidden sugars, unless I make it completely from scratch. hope you hit that sweet spot, soon!

              I forgot to add, Tashimi, that milk is full of sugar, if you aren't replacing it with cream, consider it. if you are, try taking it out all together for a bit (if you haven't already), just to see if it helps you. good luck!
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                Tashimi, for me it was about the balance of macro nutrients-the balance that I find works best for me is about 50% fat, 35% protein, and 15% carb, I am trying to lose weight so I keep my carbs below 50 or so, so yes I track. I use it as an informational tool, not as a controlling instrument. In other words if I get onto a plateau I want to know what I have been doing and if there is something to change, if I don't have accurate information about what I am doing that would be harder to change.
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                  Thanks for the advice, guys.

                  Gristastic: I do coconut milk in my coffee, and keep carbs below 50 grams most days. Admittedly, part of my 50 grams is a few grams of sugar in that morning maybe that's part of the issue. I'm like gristastic: calorie tracking is a tool for me. I also weigh myself every day and track it on a spreadsheet, but that's because I won't beat myself up if my numbers suck and I'm also a science nerd, so I can't help it.

                  I think my next step is to up my protein and maybe have bigger breakfasts...